You slammed the door after coming into the house. You and Roc had been arguing the whole car ride back and you're still going at it.


"Oh, I'm making a big deal out of this? You told me you were going to the bathroom! I went out to get some air and I find you SNOGGING SOME BITCH!! AND I'M MAKING A BIG DEAL!?!?!?!?" you spat back at him.

"YES! I WASNT EVEN KISSING HER BACK! She's just my ex! She means NOTHING!"

"Mmmhmmm" you rolled your eyes sarcastically. You made your way up the stairs to your room.

"YN!" Roc yelled as he came after you.

You went in your room and Roc came in seconds later. He found you on the floor packing your bags.

"And where the fùck are you going?" He asked

"Anywhere but here!" you yelled with tears flowing out of your eyes. You kept packing your clothes until you filled 2 suitcases and a bookbag. You got up and started out the door but Roc was in the way.

"Dammit, Roc, move!" you yelled as you tired to push him out the way. But he didnt budge.

"No" he replied simply. You tried pushing him again causing his anger to rise. "Stop, YN" he simi-yelled at you

"No" you screamed and kept pushing him. He got ticked off and grabbed your wrists so you can stop pushing.

He looked at you. You looked in his eyes and saw anger. You also saw a little lust hidden behind the anger. He pushed you back some making you almost fall. He closed and locked the door. He pulled you and went to the bed.

He pushed you on the bed and climbed on top of you. He kissed your neck causing soft moans to escape your mouth. Roc got off of you and took off his belt. You got a little nervous "Ummm, Roc what are you doing?" you asked

"You need to stop bítchin, YN" he said. You could hear the anger in his voice. You got offended.

"Hol' up. You callin me a bítch now? Cuz if there one thing I aint, it's a bítch" you said getting angry again.

"Shut up, YN!" Roc yelled at you. You flinced, startled by how loud he was yelling. He motioned you to go to him. You reluctantly go to him. He grabs your waist and pulls you closer to him.

You guys are now body to body. He kisses you roughly. Roc picks you up and slams you against the wall. He kissed your neck making you moan. He slid his hand into your panties gently rubbing your clít.

"Damn, YN, you're wet a'f"

"Mmmmm" you couldnt hold in your moans. Roc moved his fingers faster. You felt pressure building up and you knew you were about to cùm. Just as you were about to squirt everywhere, he stopped. He pushed you off of him.

"Take off you clothes and bed over on the bed" Roc commanded, his voice hoarse with desire. You slowly stripped and went over to the bed. He grabbed his belt and followed you. You looked back and looked at him.

"Ummm....Roc...?" you said getting nervous again.

"Shut up!" Roc yelled at you as he hit your aśś with the belt. You let out a moan mixing with pain and pleasure. He gave you another 5 spanks, and now your aśś has more color. He grabs his hard díck and positions himself at your pùssy entrance. He slowly slides into your wet throbbing pùssy. He thrusts in and out going faster by the second. He kept getting faster, deeper, and rougher. He leaned down and sucked on your neck, causing your moans to get louder. He pulled out and sat next to you. He picked you up and put you on your knees on the floor.

"Suck this díck, baby" he said. You gladly took his còck into your mouth and sucked him fast. He groaned and you started to massage his còck while you sucked. He groaned couder and came in your mouth. He climbed on the bed and layed down. You cautiously layed next to him and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

He looked into your eyes. "I Love you, YN" he whispered.

"I Love you, too" you yawned. You fell asleep cuddled up to him and Roc fell asleep shortly after




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