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Ask & Dare Jellal! by jeIIaI
Ask & Dare Jellal!by jellal
Will I regret this?
  • anime
  • fairytail
  • rollplaying
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The little thoughts we all having late at night by CoffeeCat34
The little thoughts we all Kitty (^ =O w O=^)♥
where do this erotic, crazy, steamy, creepy funny stupid thoughts of before-bed-time-thinking go too? right here! read from cover to cover or, skip through to your favor...
  • lemon
  • fantasy
  • fighting
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RP ~ Rebels by Duclyawsomehair
RP ~ Rebelsby タマル
A community where no one has a say is under attack by rebels.
  • anime
  • rebels
  • rollplaying
RP by PrettyBlack145
RPby Kat
Were you will have an adventure with my characters.
  • fanfiction
  • anime
  • rollplaying
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The Day We Stopped Believing In A Tomorrow (Dystopian/Apocalypse roleplay book) by LostStripedSock
The Day We Stopped Believing In Haichi the lost sock
In a world ravaged by the forces of nuclear war and global warming survival seems impossible. But in the midst of the radioactive junk laying around a strange biolgical...
  • powers
  • globalwarming
  • ww3
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Escuela De Anime (RP) by Haruka-Dragneel
Escuela De Anime (RP)by Haruka-Dragneel
Vamos a rolear
  • kaneki
  • roleplay
  • rp
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A Supernatural Rp Book by FallsintheFall
A Supernatural Rp Bookby FallsintheFall
It's pretty much in the title but here you go. *·*·*·* Rollplay as any supernatural creature you can think of, you can have power, but nothing op. It's simple and easy...
  • rollplaying
  • supernaturalcreatures
  • rollplay
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