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Broken (A Bars and Melody fanfiction) by bamaremyidiots
Broken (A Bars and Melody fanficti...by bamaremyidiots
Katy's parents have had enough of Katy's behaviour. When they decide to send Katy to live with relatives in Wales, Katy's whole life changes. Katy is in for a serious at...
  • barsandmelody
  • leondredevries
  • bambino
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Complicated Love (a Bars and Melody fan fiction) by bamaremyidiots
Complicated Love (a Bars and Melod...by bamaremyidiots
This story is about a girl called Kira and her Complicated Cinderella Story. Important- Charlie and Leo are the same age in this fan fiction which is important to know...
  • charlielenehan
  • staystrong
  • shiningstar
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143 words || NamJin✔ by TheAmateurStoryMaker
143 words || NamJin✔by Myrthandel
You made me the happiest in 143 words. Started: 4/16/19 Finished: 5/5/19 Rankings: #3 sentiment (5/8/19) Cover photo (c) TheAmateurStoryMaker
  • love
  • namjin
  • btsfanfic
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143 hotline ・゚taesoo by smilinguwus
143 hotline ・゚taesooby keu 크.
don't flirt in class! A TAESOO FANFICTION © 2018 by Christine.
  • kim
  • nctu
  • leetaeyong
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Me + You = Love by ArkeyiaJB
Me + You = Loveby it's key
Sҡʏ ċɦaռռɛʟ ʝօɦռsօռ ɨs ʝʊst ʏօʊʀ aʋɛʀaɢɛ ռɛʀɖʏ ɢɨʀʟ աɦօ ɨs aʟաaʏs զʊɨɛt aռɖ ɮʏ ɦɛʀsɛʟʄ. Hɛʀ ʍօʍ ɨs tɦɛ CEO օʄ ċɦaռռɛʟ aռɖ ɦɛʀ ɖaɖ ɨs a sɛʀɢɛaռt ɨռ tɦɛ ʍɨʟɨtaʀʏ sօ tɦɛʏ a...
  • behavior
  • 143
  • comedy
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Stars Direction|| Ch.L by 8littlestar8
Stars Direction|| Ch.Lby 8littlestar8
Agnes143: Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am bamcharliebam: Co ? Agnes143: Hopeful for today bamcharliebam: o co Ci chodzi ? Agnes tak ?
  • leondredevries
  • leondre
  • hopefoul
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Fallen for my brothers best friend 😔 by fanbam143431
Fallen for my brothers best friend...by fanbam143431
Y/N is Charlies sister. It was the summer break and Leo was coming to stay at your house to spend some time with Charlie. And you fall in love with him quite quickly. B...
  • suhtorii
  • hopeful
  • bambino
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"Age ain't nothing but a Number" {Chris Brown & Aaliyah love story} by amyaa___
"Age ain't nothing but a Number" {...by Myaaa
" Age aint nothing but a number , but then now there nothing but a thang , there's nothing I have for you , it will never change ". Love , sex , lies , abused...
  • fight
  • miney
  • abuse
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The Clash of Amazona Girls vs Cassanova Boys  by BinibiningJustPhie
The Clash of Amazona Girls vs Cass...by Miss.Phie
Maganda ang simula ng araw nang mag kakaibigan na Sophia Espirito, Grace Mendez,Shaira Zamora and Abigail Daque na mas kilalang "Amazona Girls". Pero nag bago...
  • matakaw
  • joker
  • rence
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Shy Of Once (Completed) by Jaypee21qt
Shy Of Once (Completed)by Jaypee Gonzales
(Filipino - Nahihiya minsan) Hindi lahat ng sikreto naitatago nabubunyag ito dahil sa kilos mong pagiirita kaya nahalata nila pero ang sikreto ay nalalaman ng patago, ha...
  • tagalog
  • secrets
  • love
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"Accidentally Falling Inlove With My Boss" by Kurtyzel_409
"Accidentally Falling Inlove With...by Kurtyzel_409
Minsan sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana. Yung akala mo kayo na pala para sa isa't isa pero hindi pala. Tapos may dadating.. Na mamahalin ka ng buo *Ang story kong ito ay tu...
  • kurtyzel
  • romance
  • admirer
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Mr.Popular Meets Ms.Nobody by Minnieee_Shienny
Mr.Popular Meets Ms.Nobodyby Minnieee_Shienny
He's such a popular.... But Im just nobody..... He is Handsome.... But Im not gorgeous.... He's Smart.... And Im smart too.... He can get all he wants.... But I cant get...
  • 143
  • boyish
  • sofie
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She Plays It Like She's NOT Mindless (A Mindless Behavior Story) [UNEDITED] by iBasedSupreme
She Plays It Like She's NOT Mindle...by Ty ❤️
**MY EXTREMELY BASIC STORY** What if Mindless Behavior went to your school for a whole semester? Meet Jas'marieé. She thinks they're a bunch of toolbags coming to break...
  • mindless
  • dark
  • behavior
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143 ✒ MiTzu by JeonSami
143 ✒ MiTzuby Hara Chou
[ON-GOING] ❝ i LoVe YoU ❞ - Mina Book Cover @SEGRET_ (Epistolary Series) 📝 ⏩ Sept. 17 2018 📕 ⏩ ??? ℹPLAGIARISM IS A BAD CRIME!
  • savage
  • chewy
  • penguin
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Mr. Arrogant meet Ms. Bitch (ON GOING...)  by Ellerich22
Mr. Arrogant meet Ms. Bitch (ON GO...by Richelle Vidal
Si Allia Janice Vermon ay isang mayaman, mabait Pero kapag binangga mo isa syang bitch a total bitch pano kung nakabangga nya ang isang heartthrob at ang anak Ng may-ari...
  • 143
  • loving-bff
The Boy Next Door.|| J.P ™ by trillfigerbabe
The Boy Next Door.|| J.P ™by &.
'I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched.'
  • rocroyal
  • kidnapped
  • chresantoaugust
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The Fix Marriage 💍  by -Thewho-
The Fix Marriage 💍 by Majesty💫
#143 In Teen Fiction What if ikasal ka sa taong di mo mahal pero habang tumatagal natututuhan mo na siyang mahalin pero paano kung meron naman pala siyang naiibigang iba...
  • love
  • bipolarmeetsretard
  • pain
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My big brother (l•d) by simplyemilyc
My big brother (l•d)by E
For some people family is the most important thing in the world to them. In there world no one can care for you as much as they do. Not Maisie. Her family hates her.. We...
  • leondre
  • love
  • leo
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Love Between Me and You by MaeKim_143
Love Between Me and Youby MaeKim_143
A wildside, youngest, unashamed, intractable trouble-maker and a princess, Zu Sheng Xia. A serious and cold, but deep inside he's secretly loving Ms. K!, he will do ever...
  • martialarts
  • organizations
  • skills
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The One (A RayRay Love Story) BOOK 1 by storiesbyraebae
The One (A RayRay Love Story) BOOK...by RaeBae
RayRay Love Story <3
  • leggo
  • yea
  • ahh
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