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-Katie's POV

"Wake up, Katie" a distant voice said. I groaned sleepily and rolled over. I heard that same voice chuckle. I felt someone start to shake me.

"Wake up, sleepy head"

I slowly opened my eyes to see Roc with a smile on his face. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "Happy Birthday" he said softly. I smiled weakly and said "Thank you"

I yawned and sat up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and smiled. I went back into the room and gave Roc a kiss on the lips.

"I'll be back. Stay up here" he said. He gave me a warm smile before getting up and walking to the door. I close my eyes playfully and he looks down realizing that he only has on boxers with a growing bulge clearly noticeable.

Roc turned a light shade of red and quickly walked out of the room. Once the door closed, I uncovered my eyes. Well, I guess I did kind of tease him right there. I mean, all I'm wearing is some blue lingere. I smiled and grabbed the remote.

I watched TV for a while. I was interrupted by an alluring smell. I was lured downstairs by the smell of breakfast. It smelled absolutely enticing. Roc's humming could be heard from the living room. Listening closely, I noticed he was humming 'I'm Falling'. I smiled at his choice of song.

I silently made my way to the thresh hold of the kitchen. I looked through the door frame of the kitchen to see Roc putting some bacon on a plate. The plate already had eggs and pancakes. Next to it was a rose and a letter. They were all nicely placed on a tray sitting on the table. Roc turned back around and I took advantage of him not paying attention.

I walked over to him and snaked my hands around him. I couldnt see it, but I knew Roc was smiling. He turned around and hugged me.

"Didnt I tell you to stay upstairs?" He asked. I pulled away and gave him an innocent look."Noo"

He game me a look that said 'getcho ass back upstairs'. I giggled and ran back upstairs. I ran into me and Roc's shared bedroom and plopped down on the bed.

Moments later, Roc comes in the room with the familiar tray and hands it to me.

"It was supposed to be a surprise. But since you're so hard headed..." Roc trailed off, chuckling a little at the end.

"Sorry" I said giggling. He smiled deviously at me.

"It's good. I got somethin for you later, anyways" Roc stated. I looked at him a bit confused. "What you got planned?" I asked curiously. "I'm not telling you. You already ruined 1 surprise" he chuckled.

I pouted in defeat. "Okay" I mumbled.

I looked at the delicious food that sat below me. I started eating, and honestly? It tasted better than I thought it would.

After I finished eating, Roc pulled me onto his lap with me facing him. He nibbled on my neck, leaving some love marks there. I could feel myself getting wet. I moaned as he grinded on me.

Roc's hands traveled to my aśś and slipped them under my panties. I jumped from the feeling of his cold hands. He squeezed my aśś and slapped it once.

His hands then traveled up my back to my bra and unhooked it. I pulled the straps down, revealing my perky breasts. His head went down and his mouth found my nípple. He sucked on my sensitive nípple and I let out some soft moans.

Roc kisses his way to the other bòòb and gives that nípple the same treatment.

"Get up real quick" Roc commands. I do as told and he slips my pantíeś off. He gently pushes me back on the bed.

He quickly strips himself and climbs on top of me. He grabs his díck and positions it at my entrance.

With one swift move, he pushes his díck inside of me. I moan in pleasure as Roc starts to slowly thrust in and out.

Roc leans down and sucks on my bòòbs. "Faster" I moan. Roc goes faster and deeper. I moan as I feel him in my stomach just below my belly button.

"Ohh my God! Roc!" I moaned, getting louder.

He pulled out and turned me around so that we were doggie style. Roc entered my pùssy from the back. "Fùck Katie. You feel so good" Roc groaned.

Roc picked up the pace. He gripped my hips and slammed me back onto him harder. He went harder, faster, and deeper with each passing second. My moans got louder, and so did his.

"What's my name?" Roc asked, breathing heavily.

"Rooc" I moaned in reply.

"Wrong! What's my name?"

"Daddy" I moaned. He started going faster and rougher.

Roc leaned over and I could feel his breath hit my ear. "You like daddy's díck deep inside you?" he whispered.


"Tell me you love daddy's díck" Roc moaned, closing his eyes from pleasure.

"I love daddy's díck" I yelled. I could feel my walls tighten around his length and moaned.

Roc went even faster. "Shít" Roc moaned as he released his cùm inside of me. I came on his díck and we both moaned.

I looked back at him and he kissed me softly. He slowly pulled away and smiled. "I love you" we said simultaneously.

I laid down and Roc came and laid next to me. He kissed my cheek and put his arm around me, pulling me closer to him.

"Happy birthday, Katie" Roc said, out of breath. Shortly after, we fell asleep in spooning position.



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