You were sitting on Roc's lap watching T.V. Princeton, Prodigy, and Ray Ray were on the other couch. You were reading a freaky Roc imagine.

"Hey, babe, watcha readin?" He asked looking over your shoulder.

"Mmmm, an imagine about your freaky ass" You looked at him. He smirked at you.

"Why you readin that, when you got the real thing right here?" he looked at you, his eyes full of lust.

"I don't knooow" you said innocently. He started kissing on your neck causing you to close your eyes in pleasure. You turned around and wrapped your legs around him. He picked you up bringing you to his room. As soon as he got up there, he slammed you against the wall. He kissed and sucked on your neck leaving love marks on it. He pulled your shirt off and unhooked your bra. He licked and played with your nipples making moans escape from your mouth. He went down and pulled off your pants and panties. He stuck his tounge in you. You gasped out of surprise then let out a moan. He started tounge fucking you and you pushed his head down shoving his tounge deeper in you. You moaned his name from pleasure and warned him that you were close. He kept going until you came in his mouth. He licked up all your juices and went back up to kiss you. You pulled off his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers. You kissed down his abs down to his boxers. You pulled them down and roczilla sprang up, hard as ever.

You took him in your mouth, using your saliva to not choke, as Roc has a very large dick. You deep throated him and he groaned, closed his eyes, and tilted his head back, letting you know that he was enjoying it.. When you got back up he picked you up and threw you on the bed. He climbed on top of you and got in between your legs and roughly pushed himself in. You moaned really loud.

"Damn YN, you're so tight" Roc groaned. You just moaned in reply. Roc started thrusting harder, faster and deeper with each stroke and you were moaning really loud.

You flipped Roc over so that you were on top. You rode him moving your hips in a circular motion making you and Roc moan. He grabbed you hips and made you bouce harder. You moaned louder and Roc put his head back in pleasure. Roc flipped you back over and started pounding into you really hard.

"Mmmmmm FUCK! Roooooc! Faster!" you moaned. Roc went faster pounding into you really fast hard and deep. You screamed his name. You know they can hear you downstairs, but you dont care. You both reach your climax at the same time.

You go to the bathroom and turn on the shower. Roc picks you up and puts you on the cold counter. He plunges back into you and you scream making him smirk in satisfaction (yup, he wanted the neighbors to know his name;) lol)

You were scratching at his back as he went even harder. You guys stopped and got in the shower. You were washing your body and you dropped the soap. You bent over to pick it up and you felt him enter you again. He smacked your ass and started pumping slowly. You moaned softly and stood back up. He stopped and pulled out. You finished up in the shower and went back in the room. You put on his shirt and he only put on his boxers. Ya'll sat in bed talking and cuddling 'til ya'll fell asleep

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