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21 | RUN

THE TRUCK comes to an abrupt stop, as the trio then jump out of the back of the vehicle, realizing they're back on Main Street.

"C'mon, c'mon. Let's get inside." Claire insists, jogging towards them. The three obey and make a run for the doors of the Innovation Centre.

"Which room?" Gray asks as they enter the empty building.

"That way!" Claire shouts pointing right. The four head right before stopping as they hear the sounds of breaking of glass come from the lab.

"They evacuated..." Claire states before cautiously walking towards the lab, with Zach, Gray and Liana slowly trailing behind her.

Glass tanks of various reptiles sit on shelves in the centre and the computers remain on. The loud unlocking noise of a door rings and the four all snap their heads towards men in black uniforms placing tubes inside a large ice box.

"What are you doing?" Claire questions.

"I'm afraid that's above your pay grade, honey." an annoying voice mentions. Liana mentally groans, turning to see Hoskins entering the room.

"Where's Henry?" Claire demands.

"Dr. Wu, he works for us." Hoskins states.

Gray shuffles over from behind Zach and stares at a computer screen. "That's not a real dinosaur."

"No, it ain't kid. But somebody's gotta make sure this company has a future. Imagine that one - fraction of the size, deadly, intelligent, all from military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we've ever seen. You see, millions of years of evolution, what'd we learn?" Hoskins declares.

"Nature is the –– shit!" Hoskins yells as he is interrupted by a velociraptor jumping into the room. Owen pushes the four behind him as the raptor backs Hoskins up towards the wall. "Easy, easy. Hey, hey, we're on the same side right? Right?" Hoskins stammers while slowly raising his hand towards the carnivore.

"Easy, I'm on your side." he mutters. In one fluid motion the raptor lunges forwards and traps his hand between its sharp teeth. Taking this as the chance to escape, the five dash out the door.

Running down the hallway before rounding a corner, Zach and Liana stop to look back, not seeing Gray, Claire and Owen.

"Where'd they go?" Liana pants.

"We went the wrong way!" Zach exclaims, grabbing her hand and racing back the way they came for. Turning around another corner, Liana's eyes widen as a raptor catches as glimpse of them.

"Shit! Run! Other way! Other way!" Liana shouts, turning Zach around. As they bolt down another corridor, she looks up ahead and sees no door to escape through. "There's no exit!"

"The closet! Go in the janitor's closet!" Zach instructs, pointing to a blue door on our right. Picking up her pace, Liana pushes the closet door open and Zach immediately shuts it behind him and clicks the lock. A loud thumping bangs against the door as the raptor attempts to get in.

Liana scans the room for a way to block the door, her eyes falling towards a tall metal shelf. Walking towards it, she applied as much force as she can to move it. The shelf shifts a few inches until she stops to recollect herself.

Zach hesitantly lets go of the door and helps Liana replace the shelf in front of the door. Pushing with all their strength, the shelf slowly starts sliding towards the door. Finally in place and secure, Liana drops down onto the ground to catch her breath.

"We have to get out of here." Zach states while examining the room for a way out. He stops as his eyes fall upon a vent above them. Liana watches him as he slides a stool over and places it right under the vent. Stepping up on it he tries to reach for the vent but still can't. He huffs and pauses for a moment, "Come here."

Liana sighs, rising to her feet.

"You're going to open the vent." Zach states.

"How? Zach, you better not be thinking of lif –" before she can finish, he pulls her over by my waist, causing her to giggle. "That tickles."

The shelf rattles as the sounds of scraping comes from the other side of the door. The two share a quick glance before Zach wraps his arms around Liana's legs and lifts her upwards. Liana digs her nails under the cover and pries it off.

"How does it look up there?" Zach asks as she looks for a way through the empty vent.

"We should be able to make it through." she responds, tossing the vent cover on the ground.

"It's looking really good down here as well." Zach states.

"I swear to god Zach, I won't hesitate to kick you in the face."

"What? No, no I – I'm not - I didn't mean it like that!" he stutters, "Just, just get up there."

Liana places her hands inside the vent, and pulls herself upwards into the opening. She peers down and sees that the raptor has now managed to make a hole through the door. Leaning over, she sticks her hand out for Zach. He grabs it and attempts to pull him up.

"Now which way?" Zach questions. Seeing a faint light seep in from straight ahead, she point towards it. Zach nods, and insists that he goes first. Liana agrees and crawls after him.

As they near the second vent cover, a booming sound rings from the supply closet.

"I think it got in." Liana says, glancing back.

"Okay, back up." Zach demands. She obeys and shuffle backwards as he brings his legs back and kicks down the cover. Peeking over his shoulder, Liana notices the buildings along Main Street and the lights shining from the street lamps. "We're going to have to jump..." Zach states, with a light chuckle referring back to when they had to jump off a cliff.

"Won't be as riveting as before." Liana says with a light laugh.

Zach moves closer to the edge and on the count of three, hops onto the grass.

"Are you okay?" Liana calls down.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Come on." he replies whilst a thought from earlier crosses Liana's mind. Shifting forwards, she dangles her legs out the vent and leaps out, landing firmly on the ground. Zach places his hands on her hips, helping her to regain balance.

Fixating her eyes on his, Liana places her hands on his cheeks, bringing his lips down to hers.

"What was that for?" Zach asks after she pulls away.

"For fixing the jeep."

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