「18」Son of A Bitch

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     "WHAT DO you mean use the raptors?" Claire questions while holding a phone to her ear.

     "Son of a bitch." Owen mutters as a black helicopter is seen flying above them.

     "Language." Liana replies, instantly regretting it as her dad shoots her a glare.

     "Take the kids. Get em' some place safe." Owen demands while turning around. Zach, Liana, Gray and Claire all spin around as well to see the vast gate moving.

"I think we should run," Liana mumbles as the vast doors are pushed open and a herd of people stumble in. The five race towards the jeep behind them. Gray, Zach and Liana hop in the back as Claire and Owen seat themselves in the front.

     "Drive! Drive!"

     "You gotta go backwards!"


     Zach, Gray and Liana shout as Owen attempts to drive the vehicle through the herd of people. Owen abruptly stops the car as they watch the ample amounts of people attempt to run towards safety.

     "This doesn't feel safe." Zach states.

     "Can we stay with you?" Gray asks.

     "Yes. I am never leaving you as long as you live." Claire mentions, looking back at her nephews.

     "No, no, no, him." Gray blurts out as he points to Owen. Liana stifles a laugh as Gray mumbles, "Yeah, definitely him."

As she's caught up in conversation with Zach, Liana doesn't realize that the sky has already darkened. She looks out the window just as the jeep arrives near Hoskins at the velociraptor paddock. Owen immediately shuts off the car and gets out with Claire trailing behind him.

      Hoskins opens his mouth to greet Owen, however Owen doesn't let him finish his greeting, and swiftly punches the man in the jaw.

     "Oh!" Zach and Gray shout in surprise.

     "Finally! I've been waiting so long for this day." Liana cheers as the trio watch from the backseat of the jeep.

     "Get the hell out of here, and stay away from my animals." Owen states.

     "Hoskins, you wanted this to happen, you son of a bitch." Claire adds.

     "She shouldn't say 'bitch'." Gray exclaims while shaking his head.

     "Gray, you shouldn't say 'bitch'." Liana retorts.

     "Liana, you shouldn't say 'bitch'." Zach responds with a smirk, causing Liana and Gray to chuckle. The three revert their attention back to Hoskins, Claire and Owen.

     "This is an InGen situation now. There are gonna be cruise ships that show up here at first light. Everybody's gonna get off this island and you're going to watch a news story tomorrow, about how you all saved lives - No, no, better yet, how your animals saved lives." Hoskins exclaims.

     Liana lets out of groan of annoyance and gently hits her head against the headrest, "I'm going to murder him and then blame it on a dinosaur."

     As she looks back up front, she can hear Hoskins yelling for his men to prepare for operation.

     "Well we're screwed."

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