「09」Raptor Squad 2.0

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     A LOUD BANG rings from behind the three, and Liana immediately whips around, coming to see a streak of light seeping through the crack of the door. "We should go." She mentions before ascending the metal stairs to the visitor observatory. Liana stops as she sees Isaac and Zara lingering near the entrance. Her eyes widen before she quickly turns around, crashing into Zach's chest.

"You need to stop bumping into me." She huffs, looking up at him and backing away.

"Actually, if I remember correctly, you need to stop bumping into me." He retorts.

"No I'm pretty sure its you who bumps into me," Liana says, smiling as she sees the smirk on the boy's face.

She steps around Zach and leads the way down the corridor they came in through. As she pulls open the door, a sharp ray of sun pierces through the doorway, blinding her vision. "I hate the outdoors." she murmurs, stepping into the heat. "Okay, I should really go." Liana states, turning to Zach and Gray.

"No! Stay." Gray insists, moving towards her.

"It's only been like an hour an a half, and I feel like my dad is probably somewhere ripping his hair out."

"But you can't go. We're – we're like velociraptors now. We have to stay together. We're like a..."

"Raptor squad?" Liana chuckles lightly.

"Yeah! We're a raptor squad!" Gray cheers followed by a laugh.

"What about you, Tweedledum? You want me to stay?" Liana asks Zach, crossing her arms.

Zach smiles before looking down at the ground briefly, "Well I mean, who else is going to call me Tweedledum?"

"I can." Gray chirps in.

"Dude, what the hell that's weird." Zach exclaims, glaring at his little brother.

"Why's it not weird when she says it?" Gray huffs.

"Dude, anything she says sounds cute." Zach mentions in a hushed voice to Gray, in plan that Liana wouldn't hear. However, the girl catches his sentence, and blushes instantly.

"Is her calling you Tweedledum cute or is she cute?" Gray questions with a grin as the two bicker, completely forgetting Liana's presence.

"Shut up."

"I'll stay." Liana says, finally interrupting their argument, "So now what?"

Zach and Gray exchange quick glances before turning to the girl, "Food." They answer in unison.

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