「16」Jurassic Park

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     "WELCOME TO Jurassic Park, boys," Liana says, motioning to the destroyed building around the three, "or what's left of it." she adds, hopping down from the busted up jeep she was standing on to join the boys in searching the area. Her vision trails upwards, her eyes falling on a large glass dome covered with vines, allowing minimal sunlight to seep through.

     "You still have those matches?" Zach asks Gray, causing Liana to snap back in to turn her head towards the two.

     Liana notices Zach clutching a torn up banner and a stick, realizing immediately why he asked for matches. Gray hands Liana the match box, igniting the banner that Zach wrapped around the stick.

     "Let's go," Zach says, motioning for the two to follow him. The trio trek through the flora, arriving in a room with paintings of dinosaurs lining the walls.

     Zach abruptly stops to stare at a painting of a velociraptor, causing Liana to walk into him.

     "Ow." she mumbles, rubbing my forehead.

     "Sorry." he apologizes. "But you bumped into me this time." Zach chuckles lightly as the girl rolls her eyes and gently pushes him to keep going.

     "Gray!" Liana calls as she turns back and see him admiring the painting. The younger boy snaps his head towards their direction and runs to catch up.

     Liana, Zach, and Gray enter some sort of garage with jeeps parked in the centre and equipment lining the walls. Gray picks up an odd looking helmet from a shelf and examines it. The goggles on the helmet extend outwards and Gray instantly places it back in surprise.

     Walking over to Zach, Liana recognizes his attention focused on the old Jurassic Park jeeps.

     "1992 Jeep Wrangler Sahara...Sand beige." Gray blurts out while running his hand along the dusty vehicle.

     "You remember when we fixed up grandpa's old Malibu, right?" Zach asks Gray.

     Gray replies with a 'yeah' as a smile forms on Zach's face.

     Liana sits on the ground, crossed legged as she watches Zach rip out a part from the jeep. "You sure you know what you're doing?" she questions.

     "Of course," the brown haired boy replies.

     Liana chuckles, "Alright hotshot, hurry up then," she says, returning back to pulling out grass from the ground.

     An animal call sounds from the distance, causing the three to stop what they're doing in fear.

     "You think it's out there?" Zach questions. Realizing the immense amount of fear on his brother's face he quickly adds, "I mean I know for a fact - it's definitely not out there. Take this." He utters while handing Gray a part. "You're stronger than me."

     Liana smiles at Zach's gesture before reverting her gaze to the trees around her as she hears another sound. She immediately stands up and walks towards the boys, and as if on cue, the jeep starts up.

     "You guys did it!" she cheers. About to step over to the passenger seat, Zach stops in front of her.

     "I mean since I fixed the jeep, a kiss would be an acceptable payment." Zach states.

     Gray fake coughs and Zach rolls his eyes, "We fixed the jeep."

     Another roar sounds from the jungle and Liana looks up at Zach in annoyance, along with a hint of fear. Placing a hand on his chest, she leans in before whispering, "How about we make it out of here alive first, and then I'll give you that kiss."

The girl steps around him, buckling herself up in the passenger seat of the jeep, "But, I don't mind giving Gray his payment now." she mumbles, leaning over and kissing Gray's cheek.

Gray smiles at his brother's shocked face, before hopping into the back seat. "I got the girl before you."

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