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     "SO THE PROTEIN and the cell membrane can get all mixed up and–" The three walk towards the gyrosphere line as Gray rambles on with facts.

     "Shut up," Zach demands. Gray rolls his eyes, and turns towards Liana.

     "You were listening, right?" he asks, staring up at her with his big blue eyes.

     "I was. But then I lost you at the DNA crossing thing, sorry buddy." she answers. The trio move forward towards the front of the line, as Liana soon remembers that the regular gyrosphere only holds two people. "Wait here." says, before ducking under the ropes and walking towards the guy who loads on the gyrospheres – Thomas. Thomas is actually a seventeen year old asshole who thinks he's hot stuff.

     "Hey, Thomas!" Liana calls out. He turns around and smirks at the girl approaching him.

     "Liana, hey! You look h–"

     "Yeah, yeah, cut the shit. I need a three-seater gyrosphere loaded up next." she demands, crossing her arms. "Please."

     He laughs and drops the clipboard he was clutching on the control panel beside another employee. "And why should I do that for you, Grady?"

     "Because I can get you fired."

     "I really don't care. This job sucks." he responds.

     "I can send my dad and his velociraptors after you."

     "You won't do that. You love me too much." he replies with a smile. Liana cocks her head and fake vomits as he rolls his eyes.

     "So what will make you load up the gyrosphere?" she asks. Thomas pauses to think while helping two girls into a gyrosphere.

     "Kiss me."

     "Sure, with my fists."

     He lets out a wry laugh and moves closer to her. "Just accept the offer, Liana, you know you want to."

     Liana clenches her jaw and refrains herself from slapping him. As she opens her mouth to reply, her eyes quickly land on Zach.

     "There are two reasons on why I won't accept your terrible offer."

     "And what are those?"

     "One, I hate you. Two, I have a boyfriend." she mutters.

     "You have a boyfriend? How the hell did you manage that? Your dad has his eyes on you 24/7." Thomas retorts with a dry chuckle.

     "I did, and he's also right over there."

     Thomas hesitates for a moment, "Well why don't you go get your, boyfriend."

     "I will," Spinning around she jogs over to Zach and Gray. "Play along. And try to act tough please. You look like an adorable lost puppy." she whispers to Zach as she grabs his hand. Clueless and confused, he agrees and trails behind her.

     "So you're the boyfriend?" Thomas questions.

     "Boyfriend? Yes, boyfriend. I – I am her boyfriend. That is what I am. Her boyfriend. Liana's boyfriend." Zach mumbles while giving Liana the 'why didn't you tell me?' look. She mentally face palms as Thomas stares at her suspiciously.

     Zach notices and slides his hand around the girl's waist. "So, are you going to get the gyrosphere or are we going to stare at each other?" Zach asks Thomas who backs away mumbling "Yeah, I'll go get the gyrosphere."

     Liana turns to Zach, "I – I am her boyfriend. That is what I am." she mocks him before bursting out into laughter. "I said tough, not adorable lost puppy."

     He smiles, as she stares at him with a confused look. "What?" Liana questions fixating her eyes on his.

     "You called me adorable."

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