「14」Asset Out of Containment

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"THERE, YOU see I told you. You're welcome. Up close and personal with four...dinosaureses." Zach mentions as he stops the gyrosphere in front of four ankylosaurs.

"Dinosaureses?" Liana questions, raising an eyebrow.

"Ankylosaurus." Gray corrects, "And we shouldn't be here."

"I totally agree. Let's go back." Liana says, leaning over for the controller. Zach swiftly places his hand on the controller before her, just as Liana places her hand on top of his.

"It's fine." he states, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze.

"Um guys, there's actually five dinosaurs." Gray states.

"Aren't you supposed to be a genius or something? Look, one, two, three, four." Zach clarifies, pointing to each dinosaur as he counts.

Gray shakes his head in disagreement. "There's four, buddy." Liana adds, "What are you talking about..." she trails off as Gray points in front of her.

"Five." he mumbles. Liana and Zach's eyes widen as they see the reflection of large teeth on the glass of the gyrosphere. The three slowly turn around, coming face to face with a large white dinosaur. The creature lets out a load roar, causing Gray and Liana to scream and urge Zach to go.

The dinosaur kicks the gyrosphere, sending the gyrosphere rolling towards the ankylosaurs. Gray and Liana continue to scream as the gyrosphere spins uncontrollably. Gray clutches onto Liana's arm as she grabs onto Zach's, as the sphere comes to a slow stop.

An ankylosaur in front of them calls out to the giant creature, which in response extends its claw and stomps towards it.

"Go!" Liana yells to Zach as they try to make it around the two dinosaurs. The ginormous club of the ankylosaur swings back and bashes into the gyrosphere, sending the ball backwards into a tree, flipping it over.

The sounds of the two dinosaurs fighting ring through Liana's ears as Zach struggles with the control to get the gyrosphere back on track.

The large, unknown dinosaur flips over the poor ankylosaur and takes a large bite out of it. Gray turns his head away as Zach and Liana watch in horror.

"We're safe in here, right?" Gray questions.

"Yeah we're totally safe." Zach whispers. The loud vibrating of Zach's phone sounds from above their heads, causing the three to snap there heads up in shock as the ringing continues.

Reading the screen, Liana sees it's a call from their Aunt Claire, "Turn it off."

"I can't reach it." Zach states, reaching his arm out, trying to grab the phone. Liana extends her arm as well in an attempt to reach it, but her finger slips and hits the speaker button.

"Shit." she mumbles, not caring that Gray is beside her because they'll be dead anyways.

"Zach! Gray! Lydia! Where are..." Claire's voice shouts before going into statics.

"Goddammit," Liana murmurs.

"Liana. Zach." Gray breaths, his eyes trailing forwards. "Look."

Zach and Liana shift their gaze upwards and see a big, yellowish eye. The grasp on Zach's arm tightens as Liana looks out the gyrosphere, wide eyed.

The creature stands up, and spins the gyrosphere around before positioning the top of the sphere towards itself. The white dinosaur brings a claw upwards and smashes into the glass of the gyrosphere. It then widens it's mouth and lowers down, attempting to swallow the sphere whole.

The let out ear piercing screams as the dinosaur shakes around the ball, trying to swallow them. Managing to sink it's teeth into the glass, the dinosaur lifts up the sphere and smashes it into the ground repeatedly.

Liana looks down and sees Zach fiddling with her seatbelt. He nods his head towards Gray, and she leans over and unlocks his.

     The trio collapse onto the ground as the dinosaur lifts what is left of the gyrosphere up once more. As Liana and Gray scramble to get up, Zach realizes the creature is about to bring the gyrosphere down again and rushes to shield the two. The dinosaur brings down the sphere, and the large opening already in the ball stops them from getting hurt.

     "Go! Go!" Zach hollers as they slip out just when the dinosaur lifts the damaged sphere up again. The trio bolt out of the forest, arriving in an open area before abruptly stop at a huge waterfall.

     "We have to jump!" Zach states as the dinosaur emerges out of the trees.

     "I – I can't!" Gray responds.

     "We have to!" Zach retorts, grabbing his brother's hand and Liana's. "You ready? One, tw – "

     "Screw the countdown!" Liana shouts, jumping and pulling them along with her. Gray screams until the three are engulfed by the cold water, safe from the dinosaur. Liana squints open her eyes, and sees Zach gesturing for her to stay underwater.

     As the dinosaur leaves, they immediately shoot out of the water, gasping for breath. The creature roars in the distance as they swim to shore.

     Liana falls onto the mud, still panting as Zach and Gray come lie down beside her.

     Zach lets out a small laugh, "We jumped."

     Liana chuckles lightly as he pulls her and Gray closer. "I told you it was a terrible idea." she mumbles.

     The two boys let out a laugh, "But hey, you got the full Jurassic World experience." Zach mentions.

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