「23」I-Rex vs. T-Rex (ft. Blue)

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23 | I-REX VS.

THE FOUR stand up while watching as the two large carnivores attempt to sink their teeth into each other. The T-Rex and the other dinosaur roar, swing their tails back and forth into one another, occasionally smashing the surrounding buildings.

Disappearing out of view, the battle quickly continues as the dinosaurs break through the side of the four's hideout. Owen hunches over Zach, Gray and Liana as the fight carries on.

"Run!" Claire screams from behind a statue. The cries of the two creatures sound from above the shop as Liana glances up to see the shop starting to shake.

"Get out! Go!" Owen demands, grabbing Liana's arm and pulling her out as Zach does the same with Gray. They speedily run and join Claire behind the statue.

"What is that thing?" Liana asks.

"The Indominus Rex." Owen answers, not peeling his gaze from the fight.

Liana's eyes widen as she watches the injured T-Rex lie on the ground as the I-Rex bends over with with it's jaw wide open.

"No. Come on, girl. Get up." Liana whispers, her eyes still glued to the scene.

Just before the Indominus Rex can jab its teeth into the Tyrannosaur's neck, a velociraptor call sounds from the opposite direction. "Blue." Owen and Liana mumble in chorus.

The remaining velociraptor comes charging at the Indominus, hopping off from the Tyrannosaurus and onto the Indominus' side. While Blue bites away, the T-Rex regains her strength, and attacks the predator as well.

Too busy watching the little war, Liana doesn't realize Zach pulling her along with him. They run into a restaurant but abruptly stop as Blue bursts through the glass windows. She immediately recollects herself and jumps back into action.

Flickering her eyes between the T-Rex and the Indominus, Liana stares as the T-Rex shoves the Indominus against the side of the mosasaur tank. Breaking the walls on impact.

     Getting back up on her feet, the Indominus Rex lets out a loud roar which is soon over thrown by another. The five turn their heads to the left to find the mosasaur soaring out of her tank, finishing off with her wide mouth clamped around both sides of the Indominus' neck.

     Sliding her into the tank, the two dinosaurs soon disappear into the deep waters.

     "Holy shit." Zach and Liana mumble in unison.

     The Tyrannosaurus Rex gives Blue a long look before turning and walking away, leaving the earth shaking behind her. Owen slowly moves outside and stares at Blue. She pauses, returning the gaze back at him before scurrying away.

     Zach, Gray, Claire and Liana shuffle out of the store and join Owen in the middle of the wrecked street.

      "So that happened." Liana says, as Zach comes and stands beside her.

     "Now that's the full Jurassic World experience." Zach mentions while they watch flames engulf a restaurant.

     "No, that's almost dying." Owen interrupts, walking in between the two to split them up. "Come on, let's get back to the Visitor Centre." he demands.

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