「03」Pig Loose

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"A FIELD TEST?" Liana scoffs under her breath. Opening her mouth to speak some more, Owen shoots her a look before starting to walk away. She trails after him until Hoskins cuts in front of her so he can walk alongside Owen.

"Hey, I've just seen that they can respond to command. " Hoskins starts but Owen cuts him off before he can add anymore.

"They're wild animals, Hoskins. Trust me; you don't want them on a field."

"I just saw a bond. A real bond. Between man and beast." Hoskins states, blocking the path in front of the Grady's.

"You're in my way." Owen retorts.

"C'mon, we know the military is experiencing casualties. Some people think there's going to be robots in the future."

Liana steps around the obnoxious man, not even sending a glance his way. Theres two things she hates about her job; the possibility of velociraptor getting loose and eating her, and, Hoskins.

"Nature gave use the most effective killing machines seventy-five million years ago, and now we know they can take orders. Drones are easily hackable, but these – just look at these creatures." He exclaims, stopping above the raptors, who are staring back at the three. "They've got millions of years of instinct in their cells. Instinct that we can program. Their loyalty cannot be bought."

Liana groans, finally speaking up, "They're animals. Not machines for you to overpower and take advantage of."

"We can make them whatever we want them to be. We own em', kid." Hoskins replies.

Getting extremely irritated by the presence of this man, Liana continues walking, leaving her father and Hoskins to continue their conversation.

Descending down rickety metal stairs, she makes her way down over to Barry who is watching the raptors from outside of the cages.

"Hoskins frustrating you too?" Barry questions as he notices her presence.

Liana lets out a light chuckle, "He's more than frustrating, he's –"

Liana is quickly cut off by the shouts of the new employee. "Pig loose!"

Barry and Liana snap their heads towards the direction of the noise and see the boy, not too older than seventeen, trying to capture the pig. Unfortunately in the midst of it all he flips over the railing and collapses into the paddock. Liana gasps as the raptors growl, acknowledging his presence.

Liana turns her head to the right and finds that Barry is gone and is now standing by the equipment room door. Shifting to see what he's looking at, she gasps once more and bolt towards the cage door beside Barry.

"Dad, don't!" She shouts, unfortunately too late as Owen rolls into the velociraptor paddock. Heavy footsteps sound from the walkway above as Liana looks up to see two soldiers aiming their weapons at the raptors.

"Dammit, dad." She whispers under her breath.

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