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ZACH SLOWLY slides open the little window between the front and back of the truck, to see Claire sitting in the drivers seat clutching a tablet, watching the velociraptors. The screen changes and Owen appears on the screen riding a motorcycle with the raptors running alongside him.

"Your dad's a badass." Zach states.

Liana shrugs, "Eh, I guess."

Zach laughs, "No seriously, he's awesome."

"Sometimes, but he's not badass." Liana replies with a light chuckle.

They turn their attention back over to the tablet Claire is holding. On the screen all the men are in position carrying their weapons, keeping a distance from the velociraptors.

"You know what? No, no, no. You guys are not gonna watch this." Claire says, shutting the window closed, despite the three shouting not to.

They sit in silence for a moment, until Zach turns back around and cautiously slides open the window again, trying not to make a sound. Only opening it so he can see, Gray and Liana stare at him with their arms crossed.

Zach mouths a 'sorry', before positioning Gray on one half of the gap, and pulling Liana over onto. He places his chin on her head as they watch the screen.

In one section, a man screams and is dragged away by one of the velociraptors. "Are they all dead?" Gray asks.

"What? No, no, everyone is fine." Claire reassures, terribly.

"Don't lie to him." Zach responds.

"He's scared!" Claire yells, "It's okay to lie when people are scared."

"I wanna go home." Gray states.

"You will sweetheart. Tomorrow you'll be home and your mother will...never let me see you again." Claire mumbles.

A loud thump sounds, and a bloodied hand print appears on the side of the window. Claire lets out a screech, and Liana slams the divider shut.

     Just as the car turns on, a man opens the back doors and screams, "They're coming!" before being immediately cut off as a velociraptor attacks him from behind. Liana shrieks as the raptor bites into the man's neck, and throws him down from the truck.

     The vehicle starts moving and the open doors swing back and forth as Claire increases the speed of the truck. "Just hold on back there!" Claire shouts from the other side.

     Emerging from the fog in the distance, two raptors race towards them. Exchanging scared glances, Zach rises to his feet and rips a large metal tube from the side of the truck wall. He rolls the cylinder and it collides with the pavement below, releasing the gas inside of it and throwing off one of the raptors.

     The vehicle swivels to the side and the second dinosaur vanishes, but unfortunately the first one recollects itself and comes running back. Gray grabs a giant taser from the side of the wall and hands it to Zach. "Turn it on!" he shouts.

     "I don't know how!" Zach replies, fiddling around with the device. Recognizing the item, Liana snatches it from their hands and flips a switch, before pressing a black button. A blue light illuminates from the taser and Liana jabs it at the velociraptor that is half way into the truck. The dinosaur releases a growl and quickly falls off the truck.

     Liana drops the taser and eyes the raptor lying on the ground. The truck jumps up a bit and she stumbles backwards and falls onto Zach's lap.

     "Um...hi." she laughs awkwardly while tilting her head back to stare up at him.

     "Hi." Zach chuckles, "Are you from a family full of badasses or?" Liana chuckles lightly, sitting up.

     "I really want to go home." Gray whispers.

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