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     LIANA'S EYES flutter open to see Gray asleep in front of her. About to get up, she stops and looks down at the arm loosely around her waist. She cautiously squirms out of Zach's grasp while trying not to wake him. Achieving her goal, she then stands up to see an immense amount of people preparing to board the first ship.

     Her gaze falls upon Isaac who has a few bags in his hands, talking to Owen. She scurries over and stops in front of the two, "Are you leaving?"

     "Yeah I am." Isaac responds.  The girl jolts forwards and engulfs him into a tight hug. "I'm going to miss you, my little garbanzo bean."

     "I'm going to miss you too, Isaac." she mumbles into his chest. Liana finally pulls away and Isaac shakes Owen's hand.

     "Thanks for everything, kid." Owen says.

     Isaac nods, "Bye." he concludes while kissing my cheek.

     "Bye." Liana murmurs as he turns to board the boat.

     "You better call me Grady!" Isaac shouts back, causing Liana to smile.

     Liana spins around, accidentally bumping into someone. "Oh I'm so sor – no I'm not." she corrects herself as she identifies the figure as Thomas.

     "Liana, babe, just a-"

"Babe? Who the hell are you?" Owen interrupts. The arrogant look that was plastered on Thomas' face disappears as Owen towers behind Liana, glaring at Thomas.

"You're...oh, Mr. Grady. I – I'm uh -"

"Lost for words, asshat?" Liana questions as Thomas rambles on. "I got this." she whispers to Owen. Owen nods and hesitantly walks away.

"I'm refraining from punching you in the face right now. You should go before I give in and actually do it." she mentions, crossing her arms.

"Stay foxy." Thomas responds with a grin.

"Die lonely." Liana replies, watching as he heads down to the docks.

Walking over to her father, Liana then plops down beside him on a bench.

"They're kicking us out of the bungalow." Owen states, followed by a gasp from Liana.

"What? They can't do that! That's our house!"

"They can. We have nine hours to pack everything before a boat comes for us later." he adds as Liana sighs.

"Where are we going to stay?" Liana asks.

"I was thinking we could stay at grandma's until we get our own place." Owen answers.

"Oh my god we're going to Hawaii?" Liana asks, fidgeting in her spot.

"Oh no, not grandma Edith. Grandma Helen's place in Chicago." Owen clarifies as Liana groans and drops her head into her hands.

They sit in silence for a few minutes until Liana finally pipes up, "So you and Claire..."

"You and Zach." he replies.

Liana shakes her head, "No, don't you 'you and Zach' me. I'm you and Claire-ing you right now." Liana says, "I didn't really like her at first but after seeing her run in those damn heels, I think she's worthy." the two chuckle before it falls silent again.

"In the future, if  you're still together, and I don't - maybe Zach and I are, don't marry her please. Then I'd be related to Zach." Liana informs, glancing over at Zach who is with his parents now.

"Oh." Owen mumbles, "Oh. Yeah I'll keep that in mind. I pinky promise." he announces, sticking out his pinky finger which is almost twice the size of Liana's. Two two lock pinkies, just as Zach awkwardly arrives in front of them.

"I'll be over there," Owen says, pointing in a random direction before walking away.

"Hey." Zach smiles.

"So, you're leaving now?" Liana questions.

Zach sighs, "Yeah, back to boring old Wisconsin."

"Well, it could be worse." Liana says, looking around at the injured tourists.

Zach shrugs, "Yeah I guess. You're also not there though." he mumbles.

"Well you've lived sixteen years of your life without me, I think you'll do fine." Liana states with a small smile. "I'll miss you, Tweedledum."

"I'll miss you too, Liana." Zach says, cupping her cheeks and pressing a passionate kiss against hers. After pulling away, Zach glances over and sees Gray running towards them.

"Liana!" he shouts, running between Zach and Liana to hug her.

"Gray, hey buddy." she greets, looking down at him.

"We're going now. I wanted to say bye." he claims. "So bye."

Liana lets out a tiny laugh and brings him in for another hug. "Bye, Gray." she responds, as he waves a final goodbye and returns back to his parents.

Liana exhales loudly before going to search for her dad. Catching a glimpse of him by Barry with a laptop in his hands, she makes her way towards him.

"What are you doing?" she questions.

"Looking for houses. Any specific place?" Owen questions.

     "Canada? Wisconsin? Hawaii? Australia?" Liana lists, pausing for a moment. "Wisconsin is nice, but so is Hawaii. Whatever you want, dad."

     "Alright," Owen says, looking at her skeptically, "Maybe I can look for something in Wisconsin..."

A/N: crappy ending but that's it my friends! There is no sequel, but if Zach is in Jurassic World 2 then I sure as hell bet you I'm writing a sequel. But for now, this is it. Hope you enjoyed it :) Check out my other stuff if you'd like (shameless self promo i know). Thank you guys for all the votes and comments, I love you all :)

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