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"AND I THOUGHT I sucked at driving." Liana laughs while gripping her seat as Zach rams the jeep through an old fence.

"Okay, we're safe now." Zach states. Liana's vision falls towards the rear view mirror, seeing a group of creatures flying above them. Gray notices as well and the two both turn their heads back to see a flock of pterodactyls.

"Go! Go! Go!" Gray and Liana shout as Zach looks up and notices the dinosaurs. Cursing under his breath, he increases the speed of the jeep, and they soon emerge out of the forest, arriving near gate five, where two men stand on top guarding it.

"Open the gate!"

"Let us in!"

"John, Frank, open the damn gate!"

The guards stare at the kids blankly before looking upwards and seeing the swarm of pterodactyls. John runs towards the control panel and opens the gate, letting the vehicle through.

The gate shuts immediately after Zach parks the jeep and the trio all hop out. As they enter Main Street, thousands of people run for shelter as the pterodactyls swoop down striking at whoever they come across. Liana turns and sees one guy going back to save his margarita, while another try's to fend off a pterodactyl with a table. As she takes in the scene before her, she finally realizes Zara is behind them.

"Stop running!" Zara demands as Zach pulls Gray and Liana along through the terrified tourists. The three stop for a moment as a pterodactyl swoops in front of them.

"Don't just stand there r –" Zara is quickly cut off as a pterodactyl flies down and snatches her. The pterodactyls toss her around in the air before dropping her into the mosasaur tank. Liana's eyes widen as she rushes to the edge of the tank, Zach and Gray following close behind her.

The pterodactyl pulls Zara back out of the tank as the screaming woman wrestles in attempt to get free. Unfortunately, in a blink, the mosasaur comes up and swallows them both.

A gasp escapes Liana's lips as the large sea dinosaur collapses back into the waters with Claire's assistant inside her stomach.

"We have to get inside now!" Zach shouts, grabbing Liana and Gray's hands. As they turn to run, Liana notices a familiar worker with blond hair being attacked by a pterodactyl.

"Isaac!" she shouts, running towards him. Grabbing a chair, she grips it tightly, swings it back and collides it against the skull of the pterodactyl, sending it backwards onto an outdoor stove. "Holy shit," she mutters before helping Isaac up.

Isaac immediately engulfs her into a tight hug. "Oh little garbanzo bean, you're okay!" he says, placing a kiss on the top of her head.

"I am, and I found The Tree." Liana replies whilst attempting to pry herself from his grasp.

"Yes I was right! Okay be careful now and go find your dad. He's losing his shit." Isaac responds, releasing her from his hold.

"Be careful!" she shouts back as Isaac heads into a building.

"Did he just call you a chick pea?" Zach asks as Liana jogs towards him.

"Don't ask." she replies, as the three start running again.

"Zach! Gray! Lydia!" Claire hollers from up ahead.

"Okay is she doing that on purpose now?" Liana questions between breaths. Up ahead she recognizes her dad as well clutching a rifle in his hand.

Out of her peripheral vision, Liana notices a pterodactyl coming in near her dad. "Dad, behind you!" she shouts. Not turning around fast enough, the creature tackles Owen to the ground.

"Dad?" Zach murmurs in confusion.

As Liana prepares to rush towards her father, Zach pushes her and Gray to the side. Liana and Gray quickly realizes the dinosaur flying after them as they crawl backwards. Coming to a halt against the side of a building, the creature comes swooping in, however it's long beak stops it from getting any closer to Gray's face.

Not thinking, Liana kicks the creature's beak, causing it to stumble over before locking eyes on another target and flying away. "Shit that could've backfired." she huffs as Zach helps her on her feet.

     "Is that Aunt Claire?" Zach questions as he watches his aunt shoot down the dinosaur that was attacking Owen. As Claire helps him up, Owen grabs her, pulling her in for a kiss.

     "Ew," Liana mumbles in disgust before turning away. Zach chuckles lightly at her reaction, then abruptly stops, realizing that now may be to the only time to make a move on the girl, considering her father was a few feet away.

"Gray," Zach says, turning to his brother, "close your eyes."

     In a quick motion, Zach places his lips against Liana's. Slightly taken back, Liana quickly regains her balance, placing her arms around Zach's neck, and deepening the kiss. A moment later, Liana pulls away remembering the presence of her father not too far way from them.

     "I'm in trouble."

     "Liana!" Owen shouts from behind her. Liana steps back before slowly turning around, watching as Claire runs by to embrace Zach and Gray.

     Liana awkwardly shuffles closer to Owen, "Please don't get ma –" however instead of lecturing her like she thought he would, he pulls her in for a hug.

     "You're in big trouble, bud. But we'll talk about that later, let's go."

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