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     "LOOK AT them go!" Gray gasps, watching the harmless, speedy, dinosaurs run by. About twenty minutes ago the trio bought a box of pizza (on Claire's tab), and decided to devour it on top of a hill, just above the Gallimimus Valley.

     "Are you sure we can be here?" Gray questions while taking a bite out of his slice of pepperoni pizza.

     "Yeah. I mean I'm assuming. Technically these dinosaurs aren't supposed to be on earth at all so..." Liana replies, finishing off the crust of her slice.

     "She's assuming." Zach murmurs, "What if those things eat us?"

     "They're herbivores." Gray and Liana say in chorus. Gray quickly finishes off the final slice of pizza and shuts the box.

     Liana falls back onto the grass, as Gray lies down beside her. "Do you like work here? You know where all the cool stuff is." He asks.

     "Technically yes, but I live here so I should know where everything cool is."

     "You live here?" Zach questions earning a nod as response from the girl. "Awesome." he mumbles.

     Silence falls, and the three stare at the clear blue sky, before Liana decides to interrupt, "Now what do you guys want to do?"

     "I don't know." Zach replies, lying down on the opposite side of her.

     "Can we go get more food?" Gray questions.

     "No. No more food." Zach groans. "Why don't we go to the attraction with those hamster balls?"

     "The gyrosphere?"

     "Yeah, the gyrosphere." He answers. Liana sits up and turns to Gray, "Do you wanna go on the gy-"

     "Yes." He interrupts, jumping to his feet. Liana grabs the empty pizza box and the two teens stands up as well.

"Let's go then."

     "Did you know that ankylosaurs have muscular tongues?" Gray asks as they wait in line at the monorail station.

     "Yeah. Did you know that their clubbed tails could crush the bones of a T-Rex?" Liana replies, earning a smile and nod from the boy.

     "You guys are nerds." Zach states.

     "Well what do you know about dinosaurs?" Liana demands, crossing her arms.

     "T-Rex stands for Tyrannosaurus Rex." He mentions proudly. The two chuckle, as Liana places a hand on Zach's shoulder, "A four year old could've told me that."

     The three move forward in line as passengers start to board. Liana hands a woman their tickets as she allows them to board the train. Gray runs on and immediately plops down in the seat beside the window. Cutting in front of Zach, Liana jogs and falls in to the aisle seat. Zach stares at Gray and Liana with a disapproving look before sitting in between the two.

     "Thanks a lot guys." Zach says sarcastically.

     "You're welcome."

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