「22」Mr. Goldfish

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      ZACH TAKES Liana's hand as they make their way around the building. As they round a corner, Claire, Gray and Owen burst out the front doors. Jumping over some bushes, Zach and Liana run towards them. When they near the trio, Blue jumps in front of them. Turning to run, two more raptors come and surround them.

     Owen cautiously moves forward as Zach, Gray, Claire and Liana huddle closer.

     "That's how it is, huh?" Owen asks while dropping his gun. Blue snarls and steps towards him. He slowly raises his hand up to the raptor as Liana squeezes Zach's arm in fear, praying that what happened to Hoskins won't happen to her father. 

     "Easy." Owen says calmly, followed by a snap from Blue. "Easy." he repeats, hovering his hand closer. Slowly reaching his hand closer to Blue, Owen unclasps the band stretched around her head.

     A loud cry sounds from a distance, causing them all to turn their attention to the direction of the sound. The large, white killer dinosaur approaches, shaking the earth beneath them.

     Stopping in front of Blue, the Mega Dino communicates with her. Blue cocks her head at Owen then quickly turns and growls at the white dinosaur.

     The large carnivore replies back and strikes Blue into the walls of a restaurant. The five all back up as Charlie and Echo snarl at the beast.

     Owen whistles, signalling the two velociraptors to lunge at the Mega Dino. While the three dinosaurs battle, the five run around them. Zach, Gray and Liana jump into a shop, with Claire slowly following behind.

     Waiting for Owen to hop over too, Liana stands up and sees him shooting at the larger dinosaur.

     "Dad, what the hell are you doing?" she questions, "You're going to get yourself killed!"

     "I'll be fine. Just shut up and duck down!" he orders, plopping down behind an amber statue to reload his gun. Liana curses under her breath and sits beside Zach and Gray.

     "We need more." Gray states.

     "More what?" Claire asks.

     "Teeth." Gray answers, "We need more teeth."

      Claire speedily gets up and flicks open the first aid kit. Pulling out a flare and walkie-talkie, she turns to the three kids. "Just wait here. It's gonna be fine." she reassures, then whips around and slides over the counter.

      "Damn, someone give that woman a Most Bails You Can Make on Your Nephews in a Day award." Liana whispers as Zach and Gray let out half a laugh.

       The gun shots go off again, and Liana looks up to see fire flaming from an outdoor stove and the tail of a raptor being engulfed within it. Owen swiftly jumps over the counter and lands in front of Zach, Gray and Liana, motioning for them to be quiet.

      A shadow falls over them and Liana's eyes widen as the side of the deadly dinosaur comes into her view. The beast bashes her head against the side of the tiny shop, while Zach, Gray and Liana scream loudly.

     Falling into the back room, the four crowd together against the back wall while the dinosaur attempts to reach them by extending its claws.

     "Daddy, if we die I just need to tell you that it wasn't Mr. Goldfish who broke the tv remote. It was me." Liana whispers to Owen, as a single tear rolls down her cheek.

     "Is that seriously going to be your last words?"

      "I'm sorry I didn't get to think of something more sincere. I didn't think a goddamned d-" before she can finish, the claw latches onto the belt of Gray's fanny pack and tries to pull him out. Owen, Zach and Liana grasp onto Gray as he starts slipping away.

      "Why are you wearing a fanny pack?" Liana says, holding onto Gray as tight as she can. Zach leans over and unbuckles the belt, freeing Gray.

       A familiar roar rings through the air, causing Liana to gasp, "The T-Rex."

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