「08」Tweedledee & Tweedledum

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WITH THE manager's nephews trailing behind Liana, the three bolt through the crowds of people, trying their best not to slow down as Zara and Isaac gain closer.

     "Have you guys been to the Mosasaurus feeding show?" Liana asks, maintaining a steady pace.

     "Yeah," The older boy replies, slowing down to let his brother in front of him.

     "Guess you can see her again," Liana responds, taking a quick glance back to see that Zara and Isaac are still far behind.

     Rounding a corner near the entrance to the show, Liana stops as she doesn't hear footsteps and pants from behind her. Turning around, she sees the two boys running in the opposite direction.

     "Hey, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, this way!" She shouts as they stop and turn around. As the two to run towards her, Isaac and Zara jog in between us, stopping and standing back to back.

     "Oh great," Liana mumbles, "Look Isaac, just please let me go for the day." she begs, backing away slowly.

     "I can't do that. I promised your dad you'd go back after you got coffee." he retorts.

     Liana peeks behind him, and watches as Claire's nephews hesitantly back away from Zara. "Fine. We'll go back." she mutters, walking towards him.

     "Okay this time I have to hold your hand." Isaac chuckles, however as the girl nears him she quickly ducks under his arm, around Zara, and grabs the two boys while running the opposite direction.

     "Stay behind me this time." Liana states as she ducks under the ropes that close off the line to the mosasaur attraction. Squeezing through the people waiting in line, she makes a quick turn at the doors to the tribune and follows the small path to the back of the stadium.

     Liana stops to catch her breath, while taking in the great thought that she didn't get a cramp from all that running. Spinning around she sees the two boys standing behind her.

     "Did we lose them?" she asks between breaths.

     "Yeah we did," the young blond boy replies. Liana nods, and reverts her vision to the outer wall of the tribune. Placing her hand on it, a blue glow shines from beneath her fingertips, and a holographic keypad forms.

     "You can't look at the passcode." she says to the boys. The younger boy places his hands over his eyes, and nudges for his older brother to do so as well. The older one rolls his eyes before turning away.

     Poking in the digits 8739, a door the shapes in the wall and slides open. The two uncover their eyes and trail behind Liana into the dimly lit tribune. As they walk down the corridor, the door automatically shuts behind them. Continuing down the hallway, a partial view of a large tank sits in front of them.

     "Whoa," the blond boy gasps as he catches a glimpse of the gigantic mosasaur up close. Her large snout touches the tip of the tank, before the mosasaur swims in a circle and vanishes to the other side of the tank.

     "I'm Liana Grady by the way."

     "I'm Gray Mitchell." the young boy chirps.

     "Hi, Gray." she replies as he smiles before resuming his attention back to the tank. Liana strolls over towards the older one, before stopping in front of him. "So you got a name, or should I just call you Tweedledum?" she questions, raising an eyebrow.


     "Hmm," Liana hums looking at the tank, "I think I like Tweedledum better."

     Zach smiles, glancing at the girl, "I'd prefer Tweedledee if anything."

     "That's a shame, because I'm going to be calling you Tweedledum."

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