prologue pt. 2

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—YEARS AGO, THERE WAS AN EVIL MAN NAMED TOM RIDDLE. More specifically known as Lord Voldemort. He tried ruling the wizarding world, but never found out some of his most trusted death eaters and the Order of Phoenix were after his horcruxes, destroying them one by one.

So, he never really returned. He died the night he tried to kill Harry Potter.

The Wizarding world had a field day. They partied all night, never thinking of the cries of the baby in a certain destroyed house.

Harry Potter was then given to his godfather and his godfather's husband, Sirius and Remus Lupin.

Meanwhile, the son of the now-dead dark lord was in the orphanage, and nobody knew of his existence. Except the inner circle of the death eaters. One of which was a spy and told Dumbledore, too. But that was all.

But it doesn't matter anyway, does it? The dark lord was finally gone. Dead.

Death eaters all around the country were captured and thrown into Azkaban, a prison for people like them. The dementors punished them heavily. Even going as far as sucking the soul out of a few of them.

The Order of Phoenix would've been celebrating too, if not for the death of Lily and James Potter. And the fact that the Longbottoms were tortured into insanity.

They lost four friends that night, not two. Five, if they counted Peter Pettigrew, who was caught and sent into Azkaban.

That's why instead of celebrating, they were mourning the loss of the Potters and the Longbottoms.

Thankfully, though, the sons of the two families were safe. The only thing that happened to Harry Potter was a scar on his forehead, but that was it.

All was well.

..or was it?

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