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marauders instagram by topazpadfoot
marauders instagramby topaz
wolfstar jily dorlene jegulus fralice lily x oc marissa just the marauders with phones tbh and a lot of gayness
The Youtuber & the Teacher {wolfstar au}  by Grace_rhodes_121
The Youtuber & the Teacher { Gracey_rhodes
Alternate dimension where there is no such thing as wizards Sirius Black is a famous youtuber that has just come out of the closet Remus Lupin is a secondary school hist...
Curious (Wolfstar AU) by AlexsLeatherJacket
Curious (Wolfstar AU)by Sirius Lupin
One day Remus receives a random text from an unkown number, what will that lead to? Wofstar Muggle AU This is my first time ever writing fanfiction, so if you have any...
To The Moon and Back | Remus Lupin's Daughter by IamAthenasDaughter
To The Moon and Back | Remus Quinn
Astra Jane Lupin never new kindness. The product of a failed romance she never knew her father. yet, she took after him in more ways than one. she never knew what it was...
Silhouette | J.Potter by girlgirl__2020
Silhouette | J.Potterby girlgirl__2020
Iris Artemis Clemente should have shared the last name Black with her half brothers Regulus and Sirius Black. When Orion black's wife was five months pregnant with his f...
Toujours Pur (Wolfstar) by NeverEndingStory102
Toujours Pur (Wolfstar)by NeverEndingStory102
Toujours Pur. Always Pure. A phrase Sirius Black was taught to value. After hearing those words muttered constantly in his youth, he never once doubted his parents, h...
The Lone Wolf by Mischief4Managed
The Lone Wolfby Yes
Remus Lupin grew up with lycanthropy making his life a daily struggle. He grew up being alone and never truly knowing what a friend is. When he is invited to go to hogwa...
Pinky Promise || Wolfstar by defective-talos
Pinky Promise || Wolfstarby defective-talos
[Written with @Huffinglepuff! (check out her instagram!)] Remus Lupin was an observant professor. He knew how it felt to be ignored, so he gave special care to pay atten...
The Little Boy Who Lived  by ageplayfandomwriter
The Little Boy Who Lived by ageplayfandomwriter
In the Wizarding world there are Littles and Caregivers just as their are in the Muggle world. But they are unaware to it until one they realize it within themselfs. But...
Turning Back Time - Wolfstar and Drarry by caitybug36
Turning Back Time - Wolfstar and Candaice Lace Bright
While messing around with a time turner, Harry and Draco find themselves being sent back in time. Back to 1977, and back to the same time when the Marauders were in thei...
Siruis' Little Secret by DragonSickles
Siruis' Little Secretby @lways
Remus and Harry think they know everything about Sirius but when his little secret shows up on his doorstep will it throw everything out of balance? How will they cope...
The Moon And The Star by LocalCompostBin
The Moon And The Starby gefilte fish
What if Prongs confided in him? What if Wormtail received his fate? What if Padfoot wasn't ready? What if Moony knew why? Sirius and Remus take care of Harry after that...
The Patronus Charm by LiaBlu
The Patronus Charmby mamameepmeep
James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew - also known as the Marauders - are in their sixth year at Hogwarts. Determined to show his profound skill...
Real. by Happy26Xx
#15 🖤
Sirius Black comes up with a plan to stop a group of girls from crushing on him. And it involves a certain Remus Lupin. Cover art isn't mine. Characters aren't mine.
Wolfstar Oneshots by WolfstarsButterfly
Wolfstar Oneshotsby Wolfstar'sButterfly
A collection of original oneshots starring your local gays, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Mischief-Makers by emwritesma
Purveyors of Aids to Magical Emma
But Sirius still had a problem. He always wanted to touch Remus. Just any sort of physical contact. When Remus was laying in bed, Sirius wanted to crawl in too; every ti...
boyfriends by madeyenat
boyfriendsby Natali
wolfstarbucks (James/Sirius/Remus ) headcanons
Always // Wolfstar  by slytherclaw_sawi
Always // Wolfstar by ILOVEGAYSHIT
It's 5th year and The Marauders have come a long way. James is still fawning over Lily Evans, Sirius is still the master prankster he was in First Year. And Peter still...