Chapter 35 - The Uncertain Job

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Cynthia's POV

I was about 2 hours and 45 minutes in and only 15 minutes left to spare before I needed to meet up with my client. This town was quite huge! About the same size as Magnolia. This was going to take a few minutes. I admit. I get lost easily sometimes... err , maybe...

I sweatdropped at the thought.

"This map is very confusing..." I sighed as I turned the map in different directions trying to read it properly. It was simple but I didn't know which road was which... it doesn't indicate any street names! Mira you will be the death of me... why did you make this map so complicated?!

"So... If I turn this map this way... Ah! Figured it out! Finally! After 30 minutes trying to figure it out, it sort of made sense...? So if I made this turn right here... I should find a house in a small village a few minutes away from the town...", I mumbled with the map in front of my face and turning in different directions trying to figure it out. Was this person, the Chief of the village to have this sort of feast? He must need a lot of help if it is a smaller village. I just wished that I had Lucy with me so she can summon one of her Celestial spirits as a compass. This was so frustrating!

After a good 15 minutes of trying to find the place, I looked up to see that it was a small one. It had a few windows for natural light to come in, the door looks like it's brand new and replaced, the sides of the house were covered in vines and moss, but all in all. It still looks in good condition.

Seemingly, like it would only fit for a lovely couple to stay in. Small and cozy. It's cute and I like it that way! Maybe I should consider on buying my own house now? Out from Fairy Hills? Shaking these thoughts away, I have to concentrate on the job! Not moving out... for now.

I walked up towards the small house, onto the porch and knocked a few times waiting and hoping that I got the right client. Fixing myself in my clothes to make sure that I looked fine... even if I couldn't see myself. I was wearing a black summer dress up to my knees and a beige cardigan to cover my exposing skin, finishing my outfit off with a pair of black flats and my hair in the usual kept way. Hope this client is nice and not some pervy old man, a rude woman or something else... my thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the door opening.

"You're a little late! But that's okay! Thanks for co-"

Wondering why they stopped in mid sentence, I looked up to these pair of familiar blue snake-like eyes and blond spiky hair. No way... This has got to be a coincidence! You have got to be kidding me.


We stared at each other in disbelief which seemed like for hours! It was quite a shocker but we still kept our gazes for what it seems to be for years! I kinda missed him... it has been awhile since we've last seen each other since the Grand Ball. He seemed to have change a lot! But I didn't mind. I liked him this way more better than that cocky one before... Sort of. I brought up a hand running it through my brown sand locks and chuckled nervously, wanting to break the staring contest between the two of us.

"W-What are you doing here?!" he asked in slight shock, breaking the staring competition.

"Aren't you the one who wanted a chef to cook a feast for you?"

"Don't tell me..."

"Yup! It's me. Unless you want me to run off and find a new replacement for me?" I joked.

"Oh, s-sorry! Please... come in...and no I don't want you to... run away." he mumbled and took a step back to let me inside his house.

"So this is your home?" I questioned as I took a step in and gazed throughout the small home.

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