A/N of Cover ! ~

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Hey readers !

Sorry haha I just got a bit bored and so this morning ... I was thinking of changing my cover for this story.... And here it is ! I hope it shows haha. What do you guys think? You like this one or the old one ? :)

I posted the old and new just to show u guys the idea and to see which one you prefer so... Yup !
But anyways... Thank you all so much for your support and reads on this story!

Man... Like 21k Reads ?!?! That's crazy but amazing at the same time ! It means so much to me and I still can't believe it that I actually finished this story !  .___.  Well almost since I have a sequel to do . Lol. Thank you guys once more and love ya all !

One more thing .... I will be editting this story since I've reread it and I will fix up some things that may have some errors ....
That's all for now :3
Tata ! ~ <3

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