Chapter 28 - Pursue

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Cynthia's POV

"The final day of the wizards' passionate festival, the Grand Magic Games! Like it or not, only one guild will be victorious today!" Chapati announced.

It was the final day of the games and I felt excited but at the same time I felt like needed to do something. After hearing about Lucy's kidnap, I was angered by the Fiore knights to capture her. Something was going on and I wanted to find out but I couldn't, since Master told me to stay and watch the games. He didn't want anyone to be too suspicious of our moves. I couldn't argue with him even if I wanted to, so I let it go, just like when he told me to stay back at the guild when they left for the S-Class exam.

"Now then, the teams are about to take the field-kabo!" I heard the pumpkin referee who was now sitting with Chapati and Yajima at the announcer booth.

"Cynthia-chan... why are you wearing a scarf?" Levy asked who was standing beside me in the booth.

"M-My scarf?! Oh aha you k-know... just to uh try s-something new.... ? That I haven't um.. worn ... for fashion statement!" I said in discret.

That's right. I wore a scarf because of Sting who left a hickey mark on me last night. It was now a purplish pink and a red blob and I found it slightly embarrassing if anyone knew about this. The scarf was to help on hiding the hickey and I think that makeup may not really help much.

Much to dismay I don't like wearing makeup... it ruins my natural looks. Sometimes I'd like to dress up but honestly, I really don't like my face being caked. Just thinking about last night, his light kisses and his lips brushing along my neck gave me the chills. My stomach gave out butterflies, wanting to have his embrace again.... I miss it some how.

"Okay...? You're blushing Cynthia-chan! Is there something wrong? Are you feeling sick?" she asked with worry and held onto my arm.

"Ah! I-I'm okay! don't worry about me! It's just the weather is u-um... really nice!" I thought of a lie, trying to hide my blush but it deepened in color.

"Alright..." she said giving a curious look as she unclasped of her hold on my arm.

We both looked back to the stadium to see that four teams already came out from the entryway was Quatro Puppy in sixth place, Blue Pegasus at fifth, Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel both came in third place. The two final teams, were coming out now. In second place was Sabertooth... who would usually be in first but this time they weren't.

"Will they remain dethroned?! Will the two Dragon Slayers, the Twin Dragons, Sting Eucliffe and Rogue Cheney, challenge Natsu and Gajeel again?! And if so, what will the results of that rematch be?! Sabertooth takes the field!" Chapati yelled through his microphone.

Sometimes his voice really annoys me, I sighed in my thoughts and looked to see Sabertooth walking towards the arena with a vibe that didn't seem to give off a feeling as their first encounter on the first day.

"Sabertooth takes the field!" Chapati said.

They looked like they lost their cocky pride... Rogue still seemed the same but his presence seemed more intense. As for Sting... he didn't pound his fists in the air like he did last time. Instead his eyes were closed and he didn't seem to show off any emotion. He had this cool demeanor and lost his usual arrogant mood. In other words, his personality changed. 'Sting...' I thought with worry.

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