Chapter 30 - Fight To The Finish

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Here's chapter 30 ;)

Dedicated for all of you! Long ass Chapter guys! This opening is also my most favorite! Strike Back ~! Woot!! I hope you like this one :D


Cynthia's POV

Here we were, standing with all of the guilds together in front of the King of Fiore who was about to announce something that we all didn't expect. A request for all of us.

I was standing near Sting with his hand still intertwined with mine, as with Rogue who stood on my other side smiling at Sting and me while Lector and Frosch were standing on the ground in front of me. The rest of Fairy Tail who were standing near us were in shock to see me with Sting as our hands that were still clasped together making me to slightly blush.

The previous team Fairy Tail were also slightly smirking at me and Sabertooth were gawking at us, making me to blush even more red. I noticed Sting to gaze over to me with a worried look but gave a smile to reassure him which he gave a small nod.

We all looked back to face the King of Fiore who explained to us in details about the Eclipse Project that this country is going to face grave danger. More like we had to eradicate 10,000 dragons. I was in slight shock to hear this because of Acnologia's attack that seemingly made everyone to vanish from Tenrou Island, but were saved in a knick of time by Fairy Sphere and Master Mavis magic.

I had this feeling of something bad might happen soon, but I wasn't going to back down. We all had each other to fight with. I felt my hand to be clutched tighter but still gentle and knew that it was Sting who was trying to comfort me and I gave him a small squeeze back.

"Wizard guilds, I must request that you please lend us your aid. I would like you to use your power to slay the dragons that survive. That is all. Please save this country!" the King bowed in request. Making all of us to go in slight shock by his request but quickly recovered in cheers.

"Naturally!" Cana yelled.

"Leave it to us!" Master Makarov cheered in.

"Yeah!" Blue Pegasus offered.

"We won't let any monsters do us in!" Lyon confidently said.

"Right!" Mermaid Heel added.

"This country, which goes hand in hand with magic..." Sting started to say in a confident tone.

" our country!" Rogue finished for him making me to cheer.

"Of course we will lend a hand! Count on us!" I beamed at the King and felt Sting to bring up our intertwined hands, pumped into the air.

"The opponents are dragons." Sting said as our hands were brought down afterwards.

"Therefore, it's time for us Dragon Slayers to step into the spotlight." Rogue smirked.

"Show-offs~" I muttered making the both of them to smirk in my direction.

"Good luck, Sting-kun!" Lector cheered.

"Fro will cheer you on, too!" Frosch added.

The rest of the guilds started to cheer on and spoke out that they would help. everyone would be fighting together as one! This is an amazing opportunity and something that would make our guilds combine together. I can't believe this is happening! But for defeating the dragons, we will absolutely destroy them without fail!

"Cynthia-chan... do you now remember us by any chance?" Rogue tapped my shoulder and I looked over to him.

"No... I still don't... As much as I want too... I'm sorry." I muttered.

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