Chapter 21 - Flushed and Break-in

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Cynthia's POV

It was now the third match for the second day of the games and it was Mira vs Jenny from Blue Pegasus. I was thrilled for their match especially since I haven't seen Mira's demon forms in a long time! I wonder how strong she has gotten. But since it was the battle between two models, and Jenny was more popular during the seven year gap, I wonder how Mira is going to pull that off.... Or more like I don't know how this match might really be. I just hope it has a lot of action.

But ... instead of action that I was hoping for... it was more of pinup idol showdown. I sweat dropped at the scene. Almost every guy was staring with hearts forming in their eyes at the two models who were now in bikinis...

"What on earthland..." I mumbled with a blush creeping over my cheeks.

"Two former pinup idols! And both of them using Transformation Magic, making this a dream battle come true!" Chapati announced.

"What's the next swimsuit going to be..." he added but was cut off by a voice.

"Hold it! It won't do to let these little girls get all the attention! When it comes to strength as well as beauty... Mermaid Heel is number one!" a couple of female voices called out as they jumped into the arena. There were many whistling and shouts from the crowd as for the men, they were are all in shock but loving the view that got the chance to see.

"Stop right there! You people don't have enough love! If you think you please the crowd just by posing in swimsuits, you're gravely mistaken! It's all about love! Without love..." Sherry from Lamia scale jumped in with another figure that appeared to be her cousin, Cheria.

"... you can't beat us!" Cheria finished her cousin's sentence who were now involved themselves in the arena. 'I hope I don't get into this...' , thinking in my thoughts and still holding onto my blush that was on my cheeks.

Looks like I said it too late.

I saw Master Mavis talking to the girls at the other booth where the rest of Fairy Tail was where I once stood with them. Many different kinds of swimsuits were falling from the sky at Master Mavis' command. She appeared in front of Lucy, Wendy and Erza somthing about My eyes widened. Oh no! Master Mavis is going to come here and tell us the same thing! I knew I couldn't say no because gramps will be upset with me... So either way I had no choice but to comply.

"Swimsuits look best on Juvia, the water-manipulating wizard!", Juvia said who was now wearing a bikini and I sweat dropped at the sight.

"So fast!", I squawked at her.

"What, you're going out there too?" Gajeel said while crossing his arms.

"A woman in love has to battle at a time like this." The water mage said with determination. Laxus gave out a sigh and Mystogan/Jellal just stared.

"I'm sick of hearin' about it..." says Laxus in annoyance.

"Come on Cynthia-chan! Let's go!" she smiled facing me, which made me to sweat in fear and blush at the same time.

"W-well... Uh... I guess I got no choice." I huffed my cheeks and went onto the field with her.

Soon almost every girl from each team were in the field. I was in a purple and black bathing suit. The top was a strapless bikini bra exposing most of my chest... since my boobs were as big as Lucy's, Mira's, Erza's and others. Then the bottom part of my swimsuit had strings in knots on the sides to be held on my waist, instead of it being in black and purple like my top, it was all black and my butt cheeks were being revealed.

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