Chapter 14 - Greetings and Announcements

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Cynthia's POV

"Cheers!", everyone shouted as they clinked at each other's mugs.

After a few hours after everyone arrived back home from Tenrou Island and filling them in on the information that has happened here in Magnolia... we were still having the time of our lives. I sat on my chair drinking on my vanilla milkshake that Mira had made for me. Man I missed her milkshakes! They were the best!

Pretty much, Natsu and Gajeel learned about Romeo's new fire magic that he's been taking classes from Totomaru-san, who was in the former guild, Phantom Lord with Gajeel and Juvia. Master Makarov or I mean Gramps was thankful that Macao filled in for his position while they were away but offer him to still be the Fourth Master, with a sneaky idea. Which I did not want to learn about...

Erza was really shocked at the news that Alzack and Bisca got married six years ago. A year after they went missing and soon had a daughter of their own, Asuka. I noticed that Wendy was looking at a piece of paper that Reedus gave her to look at. I was curious as to what he gave to her so I quickly finished my milkshake and walked up beside her to have a little peek.

"Um... Reedus-san, this.." she shivered.

"Oui. I drew how I pictured you grown up after seven years, Wendy." he said.

The picture of her was pretty and gorgeous! She looked the same as she is now but now taller and a beautiful body, in my opinion. However Wendy seemed about upset about something.

"My chest is..." she started.

I looked at her drawing from her chest to mine, then back to her picture and to mine, over and over again. That's when it clicked in my head. It was her chest... she wanted it bigger, I'm guessing. I gave a little giggle.

"E-Even if I get bigger, I'm not going to get bigger there?" she said, tears forming in the corner of her eyes.

"Oui? Are you dissatisfied with my drawing?" Reedus asked while rubbing his hat nervously.

"I like it, Wendy-chan!" I said to her while staring at the picture. She looked up to me with a shock. Not understanding why she looked so shocked, I snapped my fingers to let her come back to her senses.

"Wendy...chan? Are you okay...? Hallo?~" I said in a sing-song voice and snapping my fingers in front of her.

"G-gomen! You just look so different form seven years ago! You and me were about the same height and now you're taller!" she said with a blush.

"Hmmm, I guess your right! We were both pretty much the same age but since seven years passed, time went by a lot, huh?"

"E-even... your c-chest..." she mumbled with a blush on her cheeks. I blushed at her remark and sweat dropped a the same time.

"Cy-cynthia-chan?!", Lucy joined in on the conversation.

"Hey there Lucy-san! I've missed you!" I grinned.

"I missed you to! You look so pretty and all grown up now! You're pretty much my height! I didn't even recognize you!" she stared in awe, making me to only blush more.

"Oh, t-thanks..."

"Now that you mention it, you did became such a lovely lady!" Erza commented while rubbing her chin as she made her way towards us.

"Haha, thanks Erza-san! I'll take that as a compliment!"

"Have you trained and gotten stronger while we were away?"

"I've been on a few missions, here and there so I'm not sure if I'm the same or if I actually improved..."

"Oi! Cynthia! Fight me!" a familiar pink haired asked me again while pumping his fist in the air.

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