Chapter 26 - Loss

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Sting's POV

Damn it. Cynthia was even more mad at me. Even worse! She's disappointed in what I did earlier, but I couldn't do anything about it. If only she can understand. If she could understand how I had to be strong in front of Minerva and Master. They were the two people you would not want to disappoint the most.

My heart aches when Cynthia's words rang through my mind. 'Sting... I thought you said something meaningful before... hours ago... But I guess not. I'm really disappointed in you.' She really was upset with me. Maybe forever. It's makes me mad but so annoyed at my behavior and it's just too frustrating! I blew it.

Now she may not forgive me anymore.

First with Yukino being kicked out and now with her team member who was replaced by my Lady... Or should I say Minerva. The way how Cynthia turned her back away from me when I was standing up against her to shield Minerva... The way she looked at me was so terrifying. I was at a loss of words at that moment. I didn't want to lose her, but I did...again. I mentally groaned in frustration.

Why me?! Why did Cynthia had to lose her memories?! And most importantly how?! This wasn't suppose to be! We were best friends. I could never get mad at her but she can be mad at me. I admit. It is my fault.

I was standing on the booth with the rest of the four members, including Lector and Frosch making seven of us in total, were watching the first battle of Quatro Puppy or whatever their name was and Blue Pegasus. Ignoring the fight below me, I ran a hand through my blonde hair remembering what happened earlier or more like last night. My conversation to her was still meaningful and always will be. She just can't see it.

I longed for her touch again, the way how her cheeks were so soft against the palm of my hands, when I cupped her cute face. Her scent was intoxicating, making my inner dragon begging more for her touch and for her to be... mine. I wanted to hold her in my arms again... Her voice, her touch... Just everything about Cynthia makes me want to her even more than ever! I know I told myself I wouldn't run after her again, but... I can't help it. She was making me feel like this.

When she asked for our promises that we made when we were younger made me really happy that she wanted to know and remember her past.

Although... I am a little upset that she can't remember them at all. This was just too much. I wanted her to be with me like old times. I wanted her to know that she can come to me whenever she has tears but I guess not. I just lost my best friend... Which I hope that actually wasn't true. My first girl best friend who doesn't remember her own best friend is really heartbreaking. My heart felt like it was crumbling and slowly sinking down into a black hole.

But for now... all I have think about right now, is fighting Natsu-san! For Lector's sake and our promise! Maybe... just maybe... Cynthia can look at me in a good way. I can show her that I am powerful and ... Hopefully recognize me? Why was this so hard and frustrating!? I felt a small tap on my arm and saw that it was my furry partner, Lector.

"Are you okay Sting-kun?" he asked with a slight worried expression.

"I'm fine..." I shrugged my shoulders at him. He didn't seem to buy the answer, but went back to watching the fight as I did as well. I looked to the other other side of the arena to see Cynthia who was sitting down with her fairy members and chatted away but it felt like she was going to ignore me now... more than ever.

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