Chapter 55 - Betrayal

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Sting's POV

"Y-You're the one!" Natsu started.

"Wait... the one who..." Rogue added.

"Yes... I am the one who kidnapped Cynthia in the first place... and hurt your comrades... but I'm only here to he-"

"Wing Slash of the Fire Dragon!" Natsu blurted and sent him flying.

"White Dragon's Claw!" I shouted and made contact on his cheek as soon as this Hotaru person was sent up in the air, and made him to crash brutally onto the ground, hearing a loud thud when a crater was made underneath him. I didn't waste any time. I huffed vigorously, my veins were popping out of my head, I gritted my teeth hard that I could even taste my copper blood to escape from my lips. My hands were shaking violently and turned white as I glared daggers towards him.

"You bastard. You were the one who took her away from me!" I roared and charged up to him in full speed then punched him square in the jaw.

"I-I did. But can you just listen for a sec-"

"No we won't!" Natsu shouted furiously.

"But please... I know you guys don't-"

"Don't trust you, believe you and all that crap?! How are we suppose to know that you're not with Kurai... or are you one of his minions?!" I snarled.

"Just give me a moment! Before things get worse!" he shouted, making the three of us to freeze.

"Only a minute and that's it." Rogue said.


"Start talking!" I yelled, but heard a chuckle from behind us.

"How nice of you to join us Hotaru." Kurai spoke coldly.

"Kurai..." we heard Hotaru to grit his teeth.

"Betraying me now? I should've known you would've be... acquaintances with these pesky and filthy humans."

"What did you say?!" Natsu yelled.

"I called you filthy and stupid. Are you deaf? Natsu Dragneel?" Kurai snickered as we saw the evil Cynthia to walk up beside him.

"Cee-chan..." I softly mumbled and stared at her, longing for her to change back.Then suddenly, my vision got blurred in a blink. The figures of both Cynthia and Kurai were fuzzy that they got faded to black... was now substituted with a clearing view of rocks in front.

"W-What the hell." Natsu murmured.

"What happened?" Rogue added.

"Where's Cee-chan?! We were just in front of her and Kurai..." I emphasized his name in disgust.

"I teleported us a few yards away. I needed time to talk about the situation right now. We don't have enough time." Hotaru said and rubbed his temples.

"Huh? You did that?!" Natsu asked.

"I did."

"That was pretty cool!" Natsu said in amazement.

"N-Natsu-san..." I blinked.

"Seriously? Let's get to the point." Rogue grumbled.

"Right. As I was saying... what I am about to tell you three... you have to calm down."

"We make no promises about that." I muttered.

"Try us." Rogue added.

"Alright then. Yes it is true that I kidnapped Cynthia.." he said in remorse as the three of us raised in anger and fought to restrain ourselves.

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