Chapter 10 - Accident

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Cynthia's POV

Right or left? I was in the middle of a battle between the beast that I am to slay from my client. He was a tough monster to beat but I got a few hits and he seems to be exhausted already. The rain was pouring hard, the dampened ground sucked my feet in as I stood there waiting for my prey to come out of its hiding. The clouds above me were covered in the color of grey, the trees were getting wet on like as if they were taking a shower. Looking around my surroundings, I felt a presence from behind making me to shift around in a quick motion to jump into mid air to avoid his surprise attack and faced him.

"Light... Shower!" I threw my hand up into the air and then brought it downward facing the beast in front of my direction. Many arrows of light shot out from my magic circle, making a huge explosion within the forest. I leaped down on the ground to see the beast on the ground passed out. Heh, that was too easy. Wasn't much of a challenge but I enjoyed it. I huffed my cheeks and walked back to my client's base and soon I received my reward. "Where do you think you're going little girl?"

I turned around to see the once slayed beast back on his feet. This was going to be even more fun. I positioned myself to get ready for any attack that he may hit me with. And with that, he came running towards me but I slightly dodged him in a flash. He shot me with some kind of greenish ugly liquid which barely touched me. Soon I was behind his huge back and kicked him in the spine making him to fly full force onto a few trees.

"Is that all you got?" I chirped happily. He only gave me a grunt and got back onto his feet and charged again at me with full force.

"Shut up! I'll get you for that!" he roared at me while running with full force.

"You know... the way you are right now... Won't kill me, right?" I said as I re-quipped my spear and focused on some magic into it. Once it was charged up I dashed at him and sliced the beast on his chest making him to bleed to death and soon he fell to the ground with no life in his eyes anymore. No breath, no heartbeat, no sound or movement was coming from him. I grinned at the beast who was already dead and made my way back to my client's place.

Little did I know, the beast smirked in his lifeless body as I left.


"Here is your reward" the man said as he handed me a bag of jewels.

"Thank you!" I bowed my head and looked up to smile at him.

"You're welcome. Aren't you cold from the rain outside Cynthia-chan? You know, it's really bad outside so I think it's best if you can stay here for the night" he asked in a worried tone.

"No it's fine! Thank you so much though, I don't want to cause you trouble and I have some business I need to attend back home. I should get going...anyways. Thank you again for your co-operation!" I beamed a smile at my client and walked towards the door.

"Alright then, thank you as well and for saving the village! We can finally live at peace" he said as I waved at him and walked out.

"You're welcome!" I chirped.

2 Hours Later~

"Achoo!" Ah damn it. I caught a cold now, and it wasn't really helping me at the moment. The rain was still pouring hard, my clothes were soaking wet and I was shivering from the cold, but soon I also had a fever at the same time.

"Just great" I mumbled while looking up in the sky.

I was still walking on my return back to the guild. But my vision wasn't really helping me, especially since I was walking on a mountain and the road appears to be very narrow. The ground was wet and mud covered my black boots. It was slippery at the same time but I held the mountain wall for support.

I remembered in my mind that I was going to visit Sting, Rogue, Lector and Frosch in one more week. Oh how I've missed them, even though a week has passed since I've last seen them, I chuckled to myself. I felt attached to them already everyday.

My thoughts were being corrupted, my head suddenly got really dizzy and I couldn't even think straight. I clutched my head in pain and panted. It hurt's to breathe, why is this happening to me? What's happening? and how? This didn't make any sense!

I blinked once, then twice and then multiple times. It wasn't working at all either. My vision blurred even more, my whole body grew numb making me to lose my grip on the rocky wall.

Suddenly I slipped off the edge and fell off the cliff for who knows how far I went down.

Is this it? Is this my moment to die? No... I can't die yet! Everyone is waiting for me. Maybe even Natsu-san and everyone else will come back. Sting... Lector... Rogue... Frosch... please no not yet!

I couldn't move. I stared up at the cliff where I once was and felt tears streaming on my cheeks. That was when I just remembered. 

Earlier in my battle with that beast... He must've put some kind of poison onto me. Damn, I forgot all about that... Then it hit me. It was that green slimy liquid that must've inflicted me.

No wait that didn't make any sense.

I didn't touched it! But if I did... then I would've felt it. 

'Crap' I thought. 

I must've inhaled it by accident. I didn't have the strength to move anymore and it was already too late to perform some healing magic on me.

Looking upwards I noticed that my necklace was left behind on the cliff edge hanging there. No! 

'I'm sorry e-everyone... Forgive m-me', I thought. 

My last thoughts thinking that I'm going to die. My eyelids were heavy and soon darkness engulfed me as I fell into an infinite drop.


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