Chapter 16 - Reunited in Crocus

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Sting's POV

I was getting ready for our leave to Crocus soon, in a day or so and I couldn't help but be excited. Not too excited though, since I already know and that I am confident that Sabertooth will win just like every year. We are Fiore's number one guild and no one can overpower us. Hmph.

Rogue and I were planning to go on a stroll before leaving Sabertooth's base. However I turned to see Lector who was running with Frosch towards us. 'Wonder what's up with them.' I thought. They panted and took deep breaths trying to calm themselves down before telling Rogue and I, the fantastic news.

"Seriously? Natsu and the others are gonna be in the Grand Magic Games?!" I said excitedly.

"Yeah! That's the rumor going around Magnolia." Lector said as he stretched his arms open.

"Fro heard that, too." Frosch added.

"I'm actually lookin' forward to this now, y'know, Rogue?" I said while turning to Rogue.

"Not interested." he says.

The usual Rogue. I knew that he was lying. Again. He seems to be pretty much excited like I was but he hid the fact that he was entirely thrilled to see and get a chance to fight Gajeel. I was pretty confident that I can defeat Natsu with the way I am now, just like what Lector said. Seven years down the drain for him and the others. They can't possibly be that strong to defeat us.

Even if he doesn't seem to be that powerful, as I had admired him when I was younger, I was still interested on fighting against him. I like to go against tough opponents. It makes me feel better and stronger, and that I am the best Dragon Slayer there is.

Stronger, so that I can face Cynthia like this and tell her how much I can protect her now since I've became more physical and mentally tough throughout the years. Even though she started to stop coming to visit us out of nowhere. I wanted to get stronger to protect her even more, to tell her that it's okay. For her to notice that she can go to me whenever she feels pain or hurt. I wanted to be there for her and always will.


Cynthia's POV

The time has finally arrived, we are here now standing in the center of Crocus, Fiore. Man thinking about the Grand Magic games brought goosebumps to crawl all over my skin. It seemed overwhelming but so exciting at the same time! Crocus, the capital of the Kingdom of Fiore was honestly amazing! It was huge, a very big place that you can get lost and it was beautiful. So many people and flowers were around in the City, it was loud and cheerful. I loved it!

Too bad we couldn't stay out to wander so much everyday. I still had to concentrate and cheer on for the teams while the games begin. Even though I am a secret weapon to Fairy Tail team B, I had to keep hidden and keep my guard up. Master has not said a word to Natsu and the others about the second team. I wonder why.

We were walking around and being engulfed with the beauty of Crocus. By walking, I meant Erza and I.

I looked back to see the others, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, Wendy, Happy and Carla were all on the ground looking tired and sore. I laughed remembering of what happened before we even came here.

"We still don't feel well...?!" Wendy said groggily.

"Did it really work?! The magic to unleash Second Origin..." Gray said.

"I do feel that my magic power's increased, even though I still have a little pain in the joints." Lucy whined.

I looked over to Erza and gave her a smile, which she also returned a smile back to me before looking to Natsu and the rest. "Yeesh, you people are pathetic." Erza said placing a hand on her waist and looked disappointed to the group who are on the ground, in which they all sweat dropped.

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