Chapter 27 - Comfort

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Time Skip!~ Night Time

Cynthia's POV

I just got back from the pub party a few moments ago with everyone, and I must say... it was really loud, crazy and a fun night. Well actually that would to happen everyday at the guild. I giggled at the thought and remembered back from the past with Natsu and the rest who were here before the S-Class Mage exam only to make me happy. But for me to think after their disappearance, it was still a shrouded mystery to me.

Something was blurred out and it wouldn't let me to view it except for the fact that I just fell, took a few missions and the smallest guild where we had the saddest time of our seven years.

Taking a shower would make me feel great and it would seem nice to have right now. I walked into the bathroom as I shut the door behind me... but even though I was alone at the inn room again... it's just for safety in case someone might you know... come in and seeing me naked.

I turned the shower knob to satisfy the temperature for me to shower in. Happy with the water heat, I stripped off my clothes and jumped in to take a nice and short shower. I didn't want to shrivel into a prune.

After I was done taking a shower, I walked out from the shower still with a towel wrapped around my nude body and carried my dirty pile and threw them in the laundry. I walked over to my bag of clothes and noticed a pair of black sweatpants. 'Whose are these?' I thought.

"Shimata! I forgot to give them to Sting!" I moaned out in frustration.

Guess I have to go to Sabertooth's inn and give these back to Sting. Even though I am not on good terms with him right now, it's best that I would just give it since I may forget later on. Might as well get over it before I get questioned by the girls in the guild. That would be embarrassing!

I quickly changed into a pair of black leggings, a long red dress shirt then I slipped on a pair of nude flats. It's not like I'm going to take a while so I just put on whatever I could find. Walking over to a desk I noticed Mira's hair brush and grabbed it so I can comb my hair neatly down that was now dry. I shrugged, I don't think she would mind besides we're like family.

After combing my hair, I placed the hairbrush down back on the desk and grabbed the pair of sweatpants and placed it inside my purse and ran out the door towards Sabertooth's inn.

Finally arriving at Sabertooth's inn I went back to the spot where Lector and Sting saw me walking last night. It looked like the lights were out... I hope Sting is still awake or Rogue... or Lector... or Frosch. Sweat dropping, I called out to Sting and Lector, but to my avail, there was no answer.

I groaned in annoyance and jumped up onto the balcony, just like I did last night. Deja vu much? I was already here and so why not give it to him now, right?

Looking around on the balcony and then into the room behind it, it was dark and no one was there... thankfully. Hoping that I wouldn't bump into other Sabertooth members or Minerva or their Master... which ran shivers down my spine just thinking about it. I just hope I don't ran into them at all.

I walked across the dark room not trying to make a noise and opened the door slightly. The hall lights were still on which I was on both a positive and negative side. The good thing about the lights was that I could see where I was going, but the bad was that someone can see me immediately. I have to to find Sting and give his black sweats before someone spots me!

But too late... I heard a voice behind me making me to freeze in spot. Crap.

"What are you doing here?" a familiar voice asked. Just before I could turn around I felt a pair of small furry arms wrapping itself behind me around my ankle. I looked down to see a familiar pink frog-like costume.

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