32- Not Done With Sabrina Just Yet

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Michelle pov

Everything was going according to plan so far so good. After the whole voice recording thing Sabrina had kind of a breakdown.

So Viviane amd Benjamin took her on a little vacation I guess. Which gave me and Asher more time to work on out next step. I was laying on my bed when my door suddenly opened.

It was Bear with a weird smile on his face. "What's with your face?" I asked him which made his smile even wider. "Okay now you're seriously creeping me out dude" I said confused about what was going on.

"What I say stays between the two of us." He said suddenly serious. "You mean 3 you can't seriously not tell me." Maggie said suddenly popping through the door. "Make that four" Isabella said standing behind Mags.

"I hate having sisters." he said dramatic. "Excuse you!" Isa said just as dramatic and started tickling him.  He burst out laughinh, he sounded like a little girl. "Okay.. Stopppp! I'll tell you" he said while laughing.

The three of them all sat down on my bed. "Okay so spill." I said. "Okay so a while back I met this girl Mia at the park." he started. "Aww don't tell me you are in love." Isa said squeezing his cheeks. "Fuck off Isa." he said pushing her hands away irritated.

"Continue." I gestured. "So we've been texting and I asked her out on a date but I have no idea what to do. She's a very romantic person so taking her to a fancy dinner isn't going to be very special for her" he explained.

"Ohhh I know!" Maggie yelled out exited. "I'm all ears Mags." bear said smiling. "Set up a picknick at the park you met with candles, flowers and most importantly food." she said almost jumping with joy.

"That's a great idea Mags but I don't think I have the imagination to set something like that up" he told us. "Not to worry little bro that is why you have 3 wonderful sisters who are going to do it for you." Isa said.

"Are you sure?" he asked looking at the 3 of us. "Yup.. You just show up with the girl.... and maybe take a shower you reak" I said joking pinching my nose close. "Very funny.. The date is about 6 pm tonight think you'll have enough time to set everything up?" he asked standing up from my bed.

"More than enough don't you worry about a thing." Maggie said smiling. "Thanks sisters I owe you." he said and started leaving. "You sure do." Isa yelled as he was starting to dissappear from our sight.

My phone pinged and it was a message from El saying I need to get to the hospital asap. After she was discharge she has been living with aunt Lea here in Italy. They are waiting until Cammy wakes up to go back to America.

"We'll meet at the park at 4?" I asked standing up from my bed putting my jacket on. "Yup" Maggie and Isa said at the same time. "Where are you going?" Maggie asked. "To the hospital, Eleanor said it was urgent." I informed them. They nodded and I left

Believe it or not after Ricardo thought I actually forgave Sabrina he bought me a car because I did the right and responsible thing. Bunch of bullshit if you ask me but hey I finally got a car so there's that.

I drove to the hospital and ran up to the pediatric unit where Cammy was admitted. I saw El and aunt Lea standing in the hall looking inside a room. Oh God please don't tell me my brother is dead.

"What's wrong?" I asked El. "Look for yourself" she said and I turned to the room where I saw Cammy standing with the help of a nurse. "W...w..When? .h...how?" I stuttered from shock.

"This morning he was awake and responding and is already trying to get back on his feet" Aunt Lea explained. "Does he know? About mom?" I asked.

"Yeah we told him." El said. "How did he take it?" I asked worried. "He was crying obviously hurting but he couldn't stop asking about you." she said smiling at me. I slided the glass door open and walked inside.

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