12- New school

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Michelle pov

I got woken up by my alarm going off. And then I realized Ugh I have school today. I am really not emotionally or physically prepared for this day.

I finally got out of bed , which took a lot of courage. I got in the bathroom and quickly took a shower, when I got out I made my hair in a high ponytail, put on some Jeans and a cute new t-shirt I got yesterday when we went shopping.

When I was finished I grabbed my bag and headed to the kitchen where Vivian, Maggie, Sabrina and Bear was. I heard a few mornings which I only responded with a hi.

"You ready for today?" Maggie asked. "As ready as I'll ever be" I replied while taking a bite of my toast. After we all ate breakfast we made our way to the garage. We all got in the same car, which kind of confused me because I thought Sabrina would be driving her own car. Maggie probably saw my confusion "Sabrina is grounded so she isn't allowed to drive" she whispered. "Ahh okay" I said back

While driving to the school Maggie explained to me that Bear and Sabrina were very popular, and from my understanding Mags wasn't really as popular as them. Not that it matters whether she is or not.

After a while we stopped at a big fancy building. We all climbed out of the car, and after I closed my door and looked around everyone was staring at me. Bear came and put his arm around my shoulder "You'll be fine little sis" he said leading me towards the entrance.

Bear then walked me over to the office were I got my schedule. Great first period Italian, even though my whole so called family all spoke Italian fluently I don't even know a word. This is going to be fun. Bear then kissed me on my forehead and said that if I need him I can just text him after that he left.

I first went to my locker to put all my books in and on my way there I got nasty stares from some of the girls. What the hell is their problem? When I was finished with my books someone bumped me right back into my locker, I turned around ready for a fight to see a tall , brown eyed boy with curly brown hair. Not gonna lie he was smoking hot.

"Look where your fucking going" he snarled at me with a deep Russian accent. Oh hell no , he might be hot but he is an asshole. "Excuse me ,you were the one who bumped me, maybe next time look where you are going." I snapped and started to walk away. Jerk I whispered myself.

Then I remembered I have no fucking idea were my Italian class is. I was so focused on looking for the class that I accidentally walked straight into a girl causing her books to fall out of her hands.

We both bend down and I helped her pick up her stuff. "Sorry I'm such a cluts." I said embarrassed while handing her, her book. "No worries I should have watched where I was going, I haven't seen you around. I'm Gracie." She said smiling with a slight Italian accent but it was barely noticeable. "Nice to meet you, yeah I'm new it is my first day actually, and I'm already lost. I'm Michelle by the way" I told her. "Where are you first ,maybe I can help you." She said polite.

"Italian at Miss Russo"I said looking on my schedule. "No way me too, come on." She said leading the way. I followed her to a room on the end of the hall when we came in the teacher already started the lesson and everyone turned their attention to me and Gracie walking into the room.

"Sei in ritardo signorina Williams" (you are late Miss Williams) the teacher said. She was old and looked angry. "Mi scusi signorina Russo" Gracie said walking too a desk.

"E tu sei?" She asked looking at me. (And you are?) I don't have an idea what she just said. I just stood there and scratched my head. "She asked who you are" a blonde boy whispered.

I smiled at him grateful and then said "Oh I'm Michelle Diaz" to the teacher. I kind of just hit my name with a plank the first period already. "And I take it you don't speak Italian" she said looking at me. I didn't say anything I have embarrassed myself way too much today already. "Well go on take a seat next to Asher" she said pointing to an empty seat.

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