27- Is He Dead?

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Isabella pov

When we couldn't get a hold of Elle, the whole family started to freak. We didn't know where she was, if she was hurt or if she ran away. Mom was having a breakdown of some kind and dad was trying very hard to calm her down.

Maggie was freaking out seeing mom like this so I got her our of the room away from the drama. We went to the kitchen for a while so that dad and Cooper can deal with mom.

"Isa why do you think she ran away?" Mags asked as I opened the fridges door. I froze for a moment thinking. "Mags do you know the whole story about why Michelle didn't live with us for the past 11 years?" I ask. The family has been shielding her or thinking they have been but actually they have only been lying to her. And I am so tired of the lies in this family.

"Only that Sabrina told a lie and that Elle got in trouble for it" she shrugged. I know my family is probably going to hate me for this but she deserves to know the truth, the WHOLE truth.

"You see Mags that is partly true but it's not the whole story. You know mom has a disorder right it makes her act out, do things out of character. So we didn't always know about mom's disorder I mean some of the signs were there but we didn't think much of it until Sabrina was about 7 and Michelle 5. " I explain walking over to the chair in front of the counter Mags was sitting on.

"Well mom roped Sabrina into a plan, her other personality took over and this spesific personality wanted to get rid of Elle. So she convinced Sabrina to tell the family that Elle punched her violently." I explained after siting down.

"But they didn't believe her right I mean Elle was 5 and brina 7!" she said slightly angry. "Well to make it a little more believable mom hit Sabrina a few times. Dad thought Elle had behavioral issues and that it be best to send her to a school for delinquents" I said looking her in the eyes.

She looked visibly upset "But you stood up for her right?" She asked looking me in the eyes but I looked away "Right?" she asked again. "Bear was the only one Mags." I say looking up at her.

"Why didn't you say anything?" She asks me. "I.... I don't know. I don't have an excuse. But I was scared and stupid for believing a word Sabrina and mom said. But now I fear its to late to make it up to elle" I confess sadly

"It's never to late Belle, I see how she looks at mom and dad, Ben, Sabrina and Cooper. Her eyes are filled with pure hatred. But when she looks at Bear and me she totally shifts to this loving and comforting person. And I've noticed that over time she has been looking at you with the same love. I think all she wants from you is to tell her how sorry you are and that you want to work on your relationship. " Mags said.

"Do you really think she'll forgive me?" I ask my very intelligent little sister."I think she will forgive you. She's actually super cool and chilled as well." Maggie says smiling.

After that we both went back to the living room. Maggie called bear telling him about what's going on, he was home almost 10 min after she called so he must have rode very fast. Cooper blamed Bear for Elle going missing and grabbed him by the shirt pushing him againts the wall.

Dad and Ben quickly pulled him off Bear. He wanted to go at bear again but was held back. I yelled at them and the room went silent. Cooper wanted to say something but was cut off by a phone ringing. It was Bear's.

"It's her." He said shocked, he put the phone on speaker so we all could listen. When she answered we were all shocked at what she told us. This was honestly the last thing I expected to happen.

We all quickly rushed to our cars. I went with Bear, I could see this was a lot for him. He started to struggle to breath. I put my hands on his shoulder trying to calm him down and guide him through taking normal breaths.

He calmed down and we drove to the hospital silently but my head was driving me nuts, how the hell did this happen. This was going to be a huge hit for Elle I've started to realize how much the Diaz family means to her. We weren't there but they were they are her family just as much as we are if not even more.

When we got at the hospital Bear just ran, when we got to the floor she was on Bear ran straight to her and she to him. They hugged as we all looked at scene playing out in front of us. It fucking hurt me to listen to her sobbing like this.

Michelle pov

After a while of us hugging Bear kissed my head. "Are you okay?" he asked checking me for injuries but other than a few scratches on my face I was fine.

"I'm fine" I whisper. He took my hand and led me to a chair. "What happened ellie?" He asked with his voice filled with sympathy. "I don't know.. A car was following us and then." I took a pause because I was struggling to breath. "Hey, it's okay deep breaths. In and out" Isabella said crouching in front of me calming me down.

I followed her example of breathing and after a while I was breathing normal again. "Take it easy, just breathe and try to stay calm" Isa said smiling at me sincere. I took a breath and looked at bear.

"There was a car following us, whoever was in the car started shooting at us and then after a while they bumped us from behind and the car started to roll down a hill." I explained to him calm. Yes I left the part out about Nicholas but that was something I was going to deal with after I hear news about El and Cammy.

I saw their faces filled with rage and anger. But something caught my eye, something I was not going to let go. Sabrina was no where to be found and Benjamin had eyes filled with guilt. The man couldn't even look me in the eye.

"Did you see who was in the car?" Cooper asked angry, his anger wasn't towards me but he was raging. "No" I lied.

Ricardo wanted to say something but before he could the doctor came back. "Michelle Diaz?" he asked looking at me. "Yes that's me. How are my brother and sister" I asked because I couldn't take this any longer I just needed to know if I was only going to have to say goodbye to my mother or to my whole family.

"Your sister is fine she just has an concussion and a broken arm but other than that she is fine. But umm your brother.." He said taking a pause. Oh God no please not him too. I won't be able to handle losing him and mom in the same day. I just won't.

"Is he dead?" I asked him straight I don't have time for guessing games I need to know. I felt someone put their hand on my shoulder but I didn't look who it was I was just praying that my brother is not dead.

"Well it's too soon to say but we believe your brother has damaged to his brain and is in a coma for now but we are uncertain whether he will wake up or not." he told me the truth. It felt as if someone kept hitting me with a baseball bat over and over again.

"Can I see my sister? " I ask the doctor to which he nods as answer. I followed him to a room when I got in El was sitting on the hospital bed with her hand in a cast and a bandaged around her head. She really looked terrible.

I just ran to her and pulled her in a hug. We both held each other tight. She started to cry onto my shoulder causing me to hold on to her tighter.

After a while we finished hugging, she gave me a sheepish smile while tears still fell from her eyes. I wiped her tears away and we just sat for a while in silence until she asked a question I really didn't want to answer.

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