3- She is a Diaz

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Noami's pov

After my conversation with Eleanor ended this morning with me saying no in 10 different ways the girls went off too school. "You ready" I ask/sign to my son, he just nodded. Cameron has been deaf since he was about 3 but he didn't change a bit he is still the same smiling happy boy I know.

After I dropped Cammy off at school I went to my office for my first consultation. I'm a psychologist, which wasn't my first choice, I always wanted to become a model but I'm happy I chose psychology. It came pretty handy when Michelle just started to live with us.

It was a normal day but after my last consult at about 1 pm I got a call. It was from the girls school , I immediately picked up but after they said it regarded my daughter Eleanor, my first question was what did she do now?

Apparently she and her friends were caught smoking and drinking at school and I needed to come pick her up. That girl reminds me too much of myself. I had Eleanor when I was 17 and tried to give her the best life I could , better than mine was anyways.But she is just like me when I was that age the only difference is I got pregnant and had to drop out. I don't regret keeping the baby but I don't want that for Eleanor, I want her to be a kid and live her life. I want that for all 3 of my kids.

When I stopped at the school Eleanor sat in chair looking at her feet like they were the most interesting thing she had ever seen. When she saw me she gave me a guilty smile, "mom I...." But before she could continue I lifted my hand in the air telling her it was no use. " To the car now" I said angry, she didn't say anything and silently walked beside me.

When we got into the the car I let out a sigh, "What were you thinking huh?" I asked looking at her. "I didn't,mom I'm really sorry it won't happen again" she said quietly. "Listen El , I know you're a teenager, god I was one too. But when you do things like this it can have consequinces that can have a nasty influence on your future, This could've gotten on you're record." I said looking at her sympathetic

She looked ashamed. "I'm really sorry mom i promise you, it won't happen again." She said looking at me with regret."Its okay baby thats all I need to hear, what you say we go pick up cammy from school." I said looking at the time. "Yeah totally" she said and smiled.

Vivian pov

All I kept thinking was how I am going to make things right with my daughter. But one thing is for sure I will fight for her forgiveness like never before. When we landed we drove in 2 sperate cars to the address we were given.When we got at the location ,it was a beautiful house it looked comfy and filled with love.I could see everyone was relief at the sight of the house.

We all walked toward the door after taking a long and good look at the house. My husband was the one who knocked. I was so nervous and my hands were shaking, Maggie must have noticed because she grabbed my hand and held it tight ,I squeezed it back as a gesture to say thank you. No one answered the door so my husband knocked again.

"Coming" Someone yelled , this could be her. But when the door opened it was a tall girl with brown hair and brown eyes, it wasn't her. She looked confused to why there was so many people at her front door.

"Can I help you?" She asked. My eldest son was first to talk "Is there by any chance someone living here with the name Michelle Ferrari" he asked very formal. "My sister Michelle Diaz lives here yes" she said Emphizasing the word Diaz but before she continued a beautiful tall and slim women came to the door "Who's at the door hun?" She asked but the moment she saw our faces she had a look of pure hatred,Elle must've told her about us.

"You're not welcome here" she said angry and closing the door but Cooper stopped the door and pushed it open. Both of them looked terrified , my husband told them to go to the living room where there was a little boy. The mother I presume kept her kids close by her side.

"This doesn't have to be difficult just tell us where our sister is and we will be on our way" Isa gently told them, not wanting to scare them. "She's not your sister" the girl said that opened the door. Cooper pulled out his gun and pointed at her head "She is our fucking sister" he spat at them, if they weren't terrified before they definitely are now. Mags was scared too she held my hand even tighter

"COOPER!" My husband yelled "What the fuck Coop" Bear yelled angrily at Cooper. "Not only are you scaring these people but also our younger siblings so stop it right now" Ben said with authority. Cooper put his gun down and mumbled a sorry. I let go of my daughters hand and walked over to the Diaz's who were sitting on the couch , I croutched to be at their length. "Please tell me where she is , think of your 2 kids" I pleaded

"She is my kid too" The women said. After relizing that the women wasn't going to give us anything my husband ordered ,"Give me your phone now!" and she did hesitanly. He went through it for a while and then looked up "She's still at school. Isa,Ben, Bear and Cooper you 4 go to the school ,the rest of us will stay here to make sure they don't warn her so she takes off." He orderd looking at our family. The kids nodded and left but Ben kissed me on the head and said "We'll bring her back ,I promise." Before he left.

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