26- They Are Going To Pay

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Bear pov

After I left Elle at Gracie's house I decided to take a little me time. It's been rough with everything that had happened since Michelle came back. Don't get me wrong I couldn't be happier that she is back but I am disappointed and discussed by my family's behavior.

I drove to a park nearby and sat on a bench looking at everything in front of me.. owners playing with their dogs, mothers and fathers having quality time with their kids, the old ladies doing weird poses or yoga as people call it and the beautiful view.

It made me realize how much I have and should be thankful for. "You okay there mister?" an angelic voice pulled me out of my transe. When I looked up a beautiful girl with raven black hair and green eyes stood in front of me.

I choked a little before I answered "Yes thank you" I said as she sat next to me on the bench which really took me by surprise I mean who just starts randomly talking to a stranger. But in reality I wished she didn't walk away and she didn't.

"You probably think I'm crazy, asking a stranger out of nowhere if he's okay but it looked like you could use someone to talk to" she explained to me. "Your instincts are quite good miss..." I said wanting her to tell me her name.

"I'm such an idiot.. I'm Mia and you are?" she asked smiling at me. "My name is Bernardo but everyone just calls me Bear" I told her. "That's so cute" she said causing me to blush. What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm a man I don't blush especially not for a girl I just met.

"So Bear what is going on that makes you think so hard, but you don't have to tell me if you don't of course " she babbled fast to me. "Well it's a very long story but it's my family. The way they treat my one sister just doesn't sit right by me." I confessed to a girl I just met. But for some reason it felt like I could tell her anything.

"Family can be a real pain in the ass my family is pretty fucked up but it doesn't bother me anymore" she said looking in front of her. "How do you do that? Like just not care anymore" I questioned.

"With a lot of alcohol and weed" she says turning to me and smiles causing me to chuckle at her. A little girl ran up to us "Mia you promised I could get ice cream" she exclaimed angry. "Family am I right" Mia joked.

She stood up and wanted to walk away but turned back to me."You know if you ever want to talk again just call me" she says as she takes a pen and little piece of paper out of her bag and writes her number down.

She gave me the paper and walked off with the little girl. I was smiling until my phone rang I took it out of my pocket and saw it was Maggie. "Hey sis what's up?" I answered the phone

"Have you heard from Michelle today?" she asked with panic in her voice. "I dropped her off at Gracie's this morning, what's going on mags?" I ask confused. "She's missing Bear she is not answering and we can't track her phone. Dad thinks she ran off." She explains to me.

Oh God what now. I wouldn't blame her if she did ran off I mean the way she has been treated gives her every reason to go. But what if she didn't ran away and is hurt. Oh fuck.

"Bear you still there?" Mags asks over the phone. "I'm coming home" I told her and put my phone back in my pocket. I went to my car and drove as fast as it could go. When I stopped at home I practically ran inside where I found my whole family in the living room.

Mom was crying her eyes out while Maggie tried to comfort her. Cooper was aggressively paising in the room. Ben, Isa and dad were talking. And Sabrina was no where to be found.

When Cooper saw me he stormed at me taking me by the shirt pushing me against the wall. "How the fuck could you just leave her there huh? With no bodyguard, no protection at all!" he yelled at my face, dad and Ben came and pulled him away from me.

"You are blaming this on me? You are fucking pathetic Cooper. If she did ran away, Good for her because you have only treated her like shit since she has came back." I yelled angry. "You piece of shit" Cooper yelled wanting to grab me again but was hold back by them.

"Enough! " Isa yelled at us."We shouldn't be fighting each other we should be looking for our sister, who could be hurt or worse." she said angry. Cooper wanted to say something but was interrupted by a phone ringing, my phone.

I pulled it out of my pocket and it was Michelle. "It's her" I say looking at them pushing the answer button I immediately put it on speaker because I knew my family was going to want to listen

"Elle thank God we have been worried sick where are you?" I say as I answer the phone call "We were in an accident, Nonna's dead and cammy and El.. " her voice trembled.

Oh fuck this bad, this is very bad.
"What hospital are you I'll be there now." I said "Saint mercy hospital" she wispered. "Let's go" my father said but before they could leave. "Where is Sabrina? " I asks suspicious. "With a friend" Ben said all defensive.

Everyone went to the cars. Isabella drove with me and I was driving as fast as I could. I started struggling to breath this was just getting too much. "Bear just breath" Isa calmed me and put her hand on my shoulder.

I took a couple of breaths while keeping my eyes still on the road. "It's gonna be okay." she tried it reassure me. But it's not because I know how much Noami meant to Elle she was her mother in every way Vivienne never was.

"We don't know that" I said now calm. The rest of the ride to the hospital was silent when we got there I just ran. I asked the lady at the desk where I could find Elle and after she told me I just ran. I could hear my family close behind me.

When we got to the floor she was on I saw her. She was covered in blood, her clothes were ripped there was cuts on her face and her eyes were red from crying. She ran to me and hugged me tight and I did the same. I held her as she sobbed into my chest.

It broke my heart hearing my baby sister crying like this. I hated it and when I find the mother fuckers who did this they are going to pay.

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