29- Cat And Mouse

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Nicklaus pov

Fuck.... I am screwed, to put it lightly. I killed someone, I mean I actually killed an innocent woman. My first kill was an innocent.

My father and brothers wanted me to kill people before, but I was too weak I just couldn't do it.

And to add fuel to the fire, I am 99% sure Michelle saw me. Which means she was going to tell her psycho family and they threatened to tell my family what I did but now... They will kill me. Slowly and painfully.

I kept texting Sabrina but the bitch didn't answer my texts. I was freaking out.. I hid at a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. I heard a vehicle approach and immediately grabbed my gun out of instinct and hid behind the door.

The door handle turned and the door slowly creaked open. I was ready to attack, only to see it was Sabrina. "What took you so long!" I yelled anxious. But before she could respond a hand wrapped around my throat. It was her brother.


"Raise your voice at my sister again and I'll cut your dick of and feed it to you" he said in a tone that send shivers down my back. He let go of me and I got my breath back after almost being strangled to death.

"Do you understand?" he asked cold. I thought my family were scary and they are but the Ferrari's are something else. I nodded scared and he kept glaring at me.

"What is he doing here?" I ask Sabrina. "We need help, Michelle saw you and who knows she could have seen me." she said with a hint of anger in her voice. "Yet she didn't say anything at the hospital" Benjamin said thinking out loud.

"Ben what do we do?" Sabrina asked turning to her brother, his eyes immediately soften. "For now you need to calm down, Michelle said she did not see the driver of the car so I doubt anyone will find out. I'll take care of any cameras on the road just incase dad wants to look at them." he explained his plan to us.

"And you get as far away as possible because I may spare your life tonight for the sake of my sister but tommorow I might be in a different mood." he said cold. "Sabrina I'll wait in the car." he said and walked out of the door to his car parked outside.

"I guess this is it." I say to Sabrina. "It definitely is." she said very bitchy. "Don't ever come back, you disgust me. You are a killer." she said pointing her finger in my face. She is fucking delusional.

"You do remember that this was all your fucking plan" I say getting angry at her. "Don't lie Nick, you knew exactly what you were doing. I didn't force you, you chose to do it." she said all smug. "I hope you die in hell you bitch" I spat.

She smiled at me evil and then turned around and walked off. What the fuck now? Where do I go? I have no one. I am alone and in deep shit.

Michelle pov

We got home from the hospital and neither Benjamin or Sabrina were there. Suspicious? I think not. I can't shake this gut feeling that they both played a part in the car accident.

I showered and just stood under the water as it drizzled over me, I was still covered in dried out blood on some places of my body. It looked like I was in a slaughtering house.

Standing there I was flooded with memories of my mom and I felt tears coming from my eyes and I couldn't stop them they just kept coming and coming.

As I got out of the shower I kept crying, I put my clothes on and sat on my floor with my back against my bed and just sobbed. My heart was absolutely broken in pieces. It was a pain that I don't think was ever going to go away.

I saw Maggie opening the door and she immediately came to my side and hugged me. "It's okay let it all out." she whispered to me and I sobbed into her chest.

It literally felt as if I cried myself dry, she led me to my bed and tucked me in. I was absolutely exhausted and just closed my eyes and fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up and turned around Maggie was still sound asleep laying next to me. I didn't want to wake her so I silently got out of bed taking my phone of the desk and went in my bathroom.

I checked my messages and told Asher I'll see them soon. I started getting ready and then I remembered something very important. I don't have a car and I don't think the guards are just going to let me through the gates all by myself.

I went to Bears room where he was still sleeping. I walked over to him. "Bear! Bear!" I whisper yelled but he didn't respond at all. So I decided to go with the little more aggressive route. I started to shake him aggressively. "Jesus Elle, what's wrong?" he asked all grumpy.

"I need a ride." I told him. "To the hospital? , can't you wait a little  longer?" he asked me still half asleep. "No to Oliver's house, and it is important so no I can't wait." I said stern. "Ugg fine but just let me get dressed first." he groaned.

I waited for him down stairs until he was finished and he then took me to Oliver's house. He left after that very grumpy too, not a morning person, well me neither but here I am. When I got inside Asher was standing behind a guy with glasses busy on his computer.

"Hey Asher" I greeted him. "Hey Michelle, this is Mason he helped me with the video." he informed me as I walked to where he was standing. "Nice to meet you Michelle" Mason said as he turned around away from his computer screen.

"Like wise, and thanks for helping" I said as I looked at the computer screen behind him. "No problem. Any friend of Asher is a friend of mine." he said as he turned around back to his screen

"Where's Oliver?" I asked not seeing him around. "He went to the hospital with Gracie but said we could use his house." he explained to me. "Ahh okay."

"So I accessed a camera that was on the road where the accident happened, but I don't know if you are going to be able to see who is in the passagers seat but its worth a shot I guess." Mason said as he typed in the computer.

He opened the video and forwarded it to the right time stamp."Okay there's your car" Mason pointed for us out on the screen and a few seconds later another car came from behind. I could clearly see it was Nicklaus in the driver's seat but the passenger side wasn't that clear until....

"Bingo" I said the moment I saw that fucking banshi's face  appear. "Fucking hell." Asher said running his hand through his hair. "Can you send that to me?" I ask Mason. "Of course." he said and clicked the buttons to send the video to me.

"What are you going to do now?" Asher asked me curious. "Oh I'm going to make sure that Sabrina goes straight to jail but first I'm going to play a little game of cat and mouse, you in?" I ask smirking evil. Asher had pure amusement written on his face "Hell yeah I'm in."  he said and gave me a fistbump.

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