30- Phase 1

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Michelle pov

Me and Asher started planning what we were going to do but if I am being honest I have a side mission of my own along with that. Sure I want sabrina to pay but I just don't think jail is the way I want her to pay.

I don't know if I necessarily want to kill her.. It is on the list of things I'd like to see happen but I don't think that is what Nonna would want so instead I am going to make that bitch think she is losing it. I'm going to make her think she is going crazy. And this may sound a little psyco but I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

So Phase 1- be nice to her... Now you must be saying what the  actual fuck. But this is key if we want to be successful. Obviously she thinks I have no clue that she was in the car so I'm going to make her believe that is true, for now.. Plus if I want to find out if Benjamin is involved this is going to help uncover the truth.

Asher dropped me off at the house and I saw Benjamin's car was back. I walked inside straight to Sabrina's room. I knocked on the door and I heard her say "Come in."

I opened the door and when I got inside I could see on her face she was surprised it was me but she also looked super nervous "M...mi...Michelle" she stuttered. "I come in peace" I said with my hands in the air as surrender.

"Listen I just wanted to tell you that I forgive you." I lied and gave her a sincere fake smile.
"You?... You know?" she asked shocked.

Wow way to play it cool. I clenchedy fist because I was very close to punching her in the face. "What do mean silly, know what?" I asked with a smile.

"W... What a....are you forgiving me for?" she stuttered again. I could see she was shitting her pants right now. "I forgive you for going along with Viviann's plan and for what happened at school with Maggie and your friend" I lied.

"Oh, thank you." she said smiling relieved. "No worries, now come here and give me a hug." I said opening my arms. She hesitantly stood up from her bed and gave me a hug. It took a lot of me not to smash her head against the wall. But patience is key.

After that I left her room and walked into Benjamin. "Why were you in Sabrina's room?" he asked suspicious. Oh Hi to you too, would have been nice but then I remembered that this family doesn't know what manners are. "Oh I just wanted to tell her that I forgive her." I said and saw the same nervous look on his face. He hid it better but I could see right through his little act.

"Forgive her for what?" he asked the same question as his fucking sister. "What is with the two of you, what do you think I forgive her for?" I ask smiling fake. "I forgive her for what happened 11 years ago" I say in a duh tone.

"Oh of course I wasn't thinking." he said relieved. "Anyways I'm off." I said and walked away smirking. So I guess he is involved. I don't know how exactly and I don't have proof but he definitely is.

I texted Asher "Phase 1 completed" As I was texting I didn't look were I was walking and bumped into someone."I'm so sor.. " I said but when I looked up I was in utter horror. It was Marcelo. What was he doing back?

"I glared at him and he smiled at me evil. I just wanted to get away from him. I turned around to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him."Let go of me." I snapped angry.

"Haven't you missed me?" he asked still holding on to my arm. "No I didn't fucking miss you, you psychopath." I spat angry. "Now that is no way to talk to your elders, you should watch out if you talk like this I'm going to have to punish you" he said with his cold yet angry tone.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him angry. "I'm doing business with your daddy." he said making me cringe at the word daddy. What kind of business tho? I've been wondering what the Ferrari's do for a living. Because I mean I know they are business men but what kind of business men?

"Stay away from me" I threatened him. "Oh princess why would I ever do th.." he wanted to finish but was interrupted by Isabella. "Everything alright over here?" she walked until she was next to us.

"I'd advise you to take your hand off my sister before I break your face." she said in a tone that honestly send shivers down my spine. I have never seen this side of her. Marcelo immediately let go and even he looked a little terrified.

"Sorry miss Ferrari I was just catching up with your sister." he tried to play it off. "Well you have done enough of that. You have business with my father not with her. So if I ever catch you within 10 feet of her I'll...Well you know the next part" she threatened him. I couldn't hide my shocked expression. She just threatened to kill him.

Would she actually tho?

He nodded and walked off to Ricardo's office."Are you okay?" she asked me concerned. "I'm fine, thank you." I said sincerely. "Always, I don't know why dad does business with that dick head." she said angry. Does she know what he did to me? Came up in my mind. But I decided it was best to drop it.

"Yeah about that... What kind of business are they doing?" I asked curios. She tensed a little. "Oh just the normal, I think Marcelo is donating money to the compony or something" she said.

But for some reason I just don't believe a word she says. Why? I don't know but I'm going to find out. "You hungry?" she asked changing the subject. I actually realized how hungry I was I left this morning without breakfast.

"Yeah I'm starving." I said. "Me too let's go make something" she said exited and we went down to the kitchen. I sat at the table while Isa was busy making food. "Can we maybe go to the hospital later?" I asked her while she broke the eggs in the pan. "Of course I'll take you." she said while focusing on the food.

I texted Asher that he should meet me at the hospital later so we can get talk about phase 2 and plus I wanted to see my sister and get an update on Cammy.

After we were done she dropped me off at the hospital and she went to go see her boyfriend Jonnhy. I walked to my sisters room and I heard voices. One voice in particular got my attention. When I got inside I saw Gracie, Oliver and Asher next to El's bed and a women with her back facing me.

"Hey Mich." Eleanor said when she saw me. "Hey" I greeted back. The woman turned around and it was Aunt Lea. She just looked like the younger version of mom. "Michelle" she said and walked up and hugged me. "Hey aunt Lea."

"It's so good to see you." she said smiling. "Like wise." I said smiling. I looked over to El with my eyes clearly asking her why aunt Lea is here. "You were right we are now in her custody, well technically only Cammy seeing that I'm already 18." she explained to me.

"But she is going to stay with me as long as she'd like." Aunt Lea  chimed in. "Any news on Cammy." I asked. "Not yet, but you can go see him he's just down the hall." El said to me.

I walked down the hall until I got to the room where my little brother was laying. He looked so peaceful but it broke my heart. The only sound in the room were the monitors that kept beeping.

I walked to his bed and took his hand in mine. I know he won't be able to hear me but... "I'm so so sorry Cams. This is all my fault." I said as I gently rubbed my hand against his cheek. "I will make sure they pay." I said determined.

I gently kissed him on the head and went back to El's room. "You guys want something to eat?" I asked knowing that Eleanor probably hates the hospital food and Gracie has not left her side since yesterday. They all said please and I looked at Asher telling him with my eyes to come with.

"I'll go with you." he said after caughting on. The two of us walked down to the little Cafe in a different section of the hospital. "I have another favor to ask you." I said as we walked. "Anything" he said as we both stopped. "I need Mason to do a check on the Ferrari's, and find out what kind of business they are doing." I explained to him.

"Ill ask him, you think all of them are involved in the crash?" he asked me. "I don't know, something just doesn't feel right"

We continued to walk until we were at the cafe. We ordered everyone's food and then sat at a table while we waited for it.

"So you ready for phase 2?" I ask him lifting my eye brow. "You know it." he said smirking.

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