2- The past

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Ricardo pov

It's been 11 years since I have seen my second youngest daughter Michelle. Me and my family have been searching for her non stop but after she disappeared from the boarding school for delinquents we sent her to it was as if she had just vanished into thin air.

My wife was going through a rough stage , and I guess her mind kind of took over. She confessed a little after a year about her and my daughter Sabrina's doing in my daughter being send away. I was furious not only at my wife but the fact that she dragged our little girls into the mess. But mostly I was guilty and felt horrible for my actions. I promised myself that if I ever find her again I would never let her go.

I got my wife all the help she needed and she was diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder. It has been a long while since she has had an outburst and is mindset on finding our daughter and making things right. Which is a good sign.

My thinking was interupted when there was a knock on my door I only answered with "Come in"

"Dad we found her" my oldest son said while coming in with my daughter Isabelle and son Cooper. I was shocked I knew he could've talked about anyone but my first thought was Michelle. "Who?" I asked with a lump in my throat.

"Little ellie dad ,we found her" Isa said. She probably took it the worst out of all my children, she had the closest relationship with Michelle before we sent her away and it has been eating her alive that she didn't do anything to help Elle after she begged us to believe her.

I cleared my throat " Where ?" I asked rubbing my forehead. I can't believe it we have finally found her. "In America, Los Angeles" My son Cooper said with tears shallow in his eyes mine not far behind.

"Call your mother tell her we are having a family meeting , I'll meet you there." I said stern. My son just nodded and my 3 children left. They were the only ones really involved in our Mafia. My youngest son Bearnardo did hacking for us from time to time but my baby girls weren't involved at all.

I quickly got everything together and went to my car I can't wait to tell the rest of my family about Michelle.

Third person view

All the Ferrari's were in the living room wondering what the family meeting is about. "Can't you just tell us what is going on " a curious Maggie asked. "No little sister you have to wait until father comes , but I will tell you this it is very good news" Ben told his youngest sister.

She just let out a dramatic sigh and sat on the couch next to her sister and brother, the twins. Sabrina was the one who played along in their mothers sceme to get Elle shipped off, although she feels absolutely horrible and ashamed of what she did (for now) . Then there is Bernardo or bear as everyone calls him,nhe was the only one in the whole family who stood up for Michelle and told them she would never hurt Sabrina and also because she was only a 5 year old .So when the truth came out he wasn't surprised at all. Altough he was heartbroken when they didn't find her.

Ricardo finally got home and when he walked in everybody went silent. He cleared his throat and started  "Umm I have big news , today your brothers and sister informed me that they have found Michelle" he said with happiness in his eyes.

Everyone was in shock, Vivian had started to cry , Bear was extremely excited to see his sister again. When Michelle was sent away Maggie was only 3 so she doesn't remember much but the family told her that Elle loved her from the moment she was born and she was excited to meet her sister. And Sabrina , she was scared she knew how much she hurt her but was determined to make things right.

Even though Ben, Isa and Cooper already knew about the news they still felt all kinds of emotions. Ben promised Elle he would always protect her but broke that promise and told himself he would never break any promise ever again. Isabelle felt relieved that after all these years her sister is actually alive and couldn't wait to be the big sister she promised she would be. Cooper felt mixed emotions, after the truth came out he felt horrible and just wanted to hug his little sister but he couldn't and that broke his heart. Making him cold and emotionless

After a while Ricardo spoke again "We are going to Los Angeles to get her so go get everything you need we are leaving for the jet in 20." Everyone obyed and got up to get their stuff.

Sabrina pov

Me and my entire family were now on our jet, to go get our sister back. Everyone was quiet, and you didn't need to be a genuis to figure out why. Everyone was thinking what she would be like and how she's gonna act when she sees us.

"Do you think she'll like me?" My baby sister Maggie asks. My family all turned their attention to her, "Ofc ourse she will my love  who wouldn't" my father said with a smile.

"What do we know about her childhood? " My mother asks Ben. He looks over to Cooper who hands him a file. "She lives in Los Angeles, she is a good student she live with the Diaz family since the age of 11 and....." He then stopped and looked confused. "Whats wrong figlio?"my father asked concern making us all worried.

He looked at us and then gave the file to my father."There is no record of her life from when we send her to the boarding school until she started living with the Diaz family" he said. Thats weird I really hope my sister is fine, i would never forgive myself if something bad happened to her. Everything is after all my fault, I was jealous that she was loved by my family and got more attention so I agreed to go along with moms plan, I should've known better.

"Wait she lives with another family? she's not going to want to come with us after everything you've done if she is happy with her family" My twin brother Bear said looking directly at my father.

"They are not her family ,we are!and she doesn't have a choice, she is my daughter and she is coming home, if she doesn't complie I'll just have to give her a reason to do what is best" my father said with angry. The rest of my family agreed but I could see how Bear shook his head in discust.

After a long flight we finally landed in LA and me and my family were on our way to go get our sister.

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