33 - No Matter What

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Michelle Pov

After finding out about the Ferrari's I was.. I don't know scared? I mean I've heard stories about mafia's known for being heartless. So what would they do if it was me who took them down.

Although they have proven over and over that they aren't the brightest so who knows. Maybe I'll get away with it.

But it doesn't change my mind I will be taking them down and that is a fact. After I left the Cafe it was almost 4 so I decided to go to the park to help my sisters set up bears date. Maggie send me directions on how to get there.

When I got there Isa and mags have already started to begin setting everything up. "Hey guys." I greeted them. "Hey Elle, everything okay at the hospital?" Isabella asked. "Yeah more than Cammy woke up." I informed them. These past few weeks I've grown closer with Isabella and I know she has killed people but I don't want to hurt her.

"That's amazing!" Maggie said and endulge me with a hug pulling me out of my thoughts "Yeah it is" I smiled "So let's set up this thing." I said after hugging her. And helping putting the candles out and lighting them.

"They're coming" Maggie said excited and Bear came closer leading a  girl with raven black her and a blindfold on.

The 3 of us quickly ran and hid behind a tree watching the scene. He took her blindfold off and she looked very happy. She endulge him with a hug and they both sat down on the blanket. "Let's give the lovebirds some privacy." I said and we walked back to our cars. 

"See you at home." I said and climbed back in the car. I drove behind Isa to the house. "Drive safe" I heard Isabella yell. My phone rang and I answered it. It was connected to the cars Bluetooth. "Hey Ash whats up?" I said after it connected. "Hey Elle. You alone?" he asked.

"Yeah why? Is something wrong?" I asked him. "Depends what your definition of wrong is" he said. "Okay I'm listening." I told him confused. "So Gracie and Ele.." he started but then I suddenly heard my sisters voice. "Michelle Diaz. You are in a lot of trouble young lady." she scolded me.

"I have no idea what you're talking about?" I said all innocent. "Don't bullshit me!" she yelled. "Okay why don't you talk to me like a normal human being without yelling at me." I said.

"You're messing with powerful and bad people. Mich you are going to get yourself killed and I can't lose you too." she said emotional. "El I know what I'm doing just trust me okay" I tried to get her to calm down.

"Mich, I know you're trying to avenge mom but she would not have wanted for you to get hurt or in trouble." El pleaded. "Look El I got to go we'll talk tommorow." I said as I drove past the gates.

"Wait..I.." she started but was to late because I already hung up. Yes I wanted to avange my mom but it wasn't just that. These people have ruined me in manner of speaking. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have spent half of my childhood locked in a basement while being tormented. So yes I'm doing it for mom but also for myself.

When reached the end of the driveway there were 2 cars I didn't recognize. "Whose are those?" I asked as Isa and Maggie got out of the car.

"No clue maybe dad has a few friends over." Isabella shrugged closing her car door. The 3 of us walked together and the moment we opened the front door we heard a few voices.

"Is that?" Maggie asked turning to Isa. "I think it is." she said "Okay now I'm confused." I said. "Come on." Maggie said dragging me behing her and Isa to the living room.

When we got there, there was a bunch of people. "Ahh look who finally decided to arrive." Ricardo said. "Uncle Santi." Maggie sqeeled and ran up to a tall man. Behind him stood 3 boys ranging from the age maybe 14 to 18. 

Maggie and Isabella greeted the 4 men while I awkwardly stood in the middle of the room having no clue what to do. "Ahh Michelle it's been a long time." The big man said with a smile.

"Hi Mr?"  i said causing him to laugh historically. "Rude" I mumbled under my breath. "Please don't call me Mr.. I'm your mother's brother. Which makes me your uncle Santiago.". He said.. He had an thick Italian accent and even looked a lot more like an Italian than Viviane did.

And if I remember correctly Viviane told me she was American. I don't even think she can speak Italian. But then again I've never been interested in her or anything regarding her. Well except for making sure she rots in hell.

"You as crazy your sister?" I asked.  "Michelle watch yourself" Ricardo warned me. Honestly he can go fuck himself it's not like I  actually care. Santiago chuckled at me and the 3 boys had grins on their faces.

"No your mother inherited that from her father." he said. "Her father? Not yours?" I asked. "We only share a mother who is on her way to meet her grandchild" he said smiling. So I'm meeting a grandmother too.. interesting.

"Enough of that.. These are my sons." He said proudly pointing at them. "Hi I'm Salvatore." he said not rude but not nice either. "Sup I'm Samuel call me Sam." he said. Ohh I smell bad boy vibes from that one. "Hey I'm Sébastien but everyone just calls me Seb." the youngest one said with a very warm smile.

"Cool nice to meet you." I said. I mean what do u say in situations like these. All of a sudden I heard the front door open and a woman voice say "Where is my baby?"

Samuel took a money out of his pocket and handed it to Seb. "10 minutes. A new record." Seb said looking at his watch after taking the money. The living room's doors opened and a old women stood there.

Santiago went to her and greeted her. She kissed him on his cheeks. "You got here very fast mom" Santiago said smiling at her. "What do you expect I want to meet my grand baby" she said exiting with a Texas accent. "Hi gammy." Maggie, Isa and the 3 boys said at the same time.

"Hi my babies." she smiled looking at them with love in her eyes. "Ricardo" she greeted him with her tone alot more colder. He only nodded but I could see that he was intimidated by her even though he was trying to hide it.

She scanned the room and when her eyes fell on me she handed her bags to Santiago and immediately came straight to me. She pulled me into a hug totally throwing me off my game.

"Let me take a look at you." she said after hugging me. "Your to skinny you need food. Is that crazy daughter of mine feeding you?" she asked me. "Maria please don't disrespect my wife." Ricardo said.

I saw how Santiago and his sons immediately had glares on their faces. "I can see why she married you, she needed a little bitch to help her manipulate her children" she said causing me to almost choke on my spit.

Ricardo had a glare and took a step closer but so did Santiago and his sons. "I'll leave the room to you I've got some work to do." he said and left. "There go's the little boy running away." she said

"Mom one day he is going to snap at you because of your comments"  Santiago said amused at his mother. "Ahh please he can try." she said and turned back to me.

"Its so good to see you again. I'm your grandma but call gammy." she said smiling at me. "Nice to meet you."

The rest of the evening was actually fun. Gammy made us food and we all just talked. So now I know that Viviane was disowned by her mother when she married Ricardo. And her father died when she was a baby.

Also that Santiago mostly grew up with his father who is Italian hence the thick accent.

Not that it really mattered but it kept me thinking what these people would do if I took the Ferrari's down. But then my mother kept popping up in my head and I realized i have to this No matter what.

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