1- Normal Day

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Michelle pov

"Mich, wake up you are going to be late for school" I was rudely awaken by my moms yelling. "Yeah, yeah" i mumbled while getting out of bed.

After I finished getting ready I was on my way to the door when a photo frame on my desk got my attention. I picked it up and went with my finger over the faces. It was a picture of me, Mom,my little brother Cameron and my sister Eleanor. I had only been with them little over a year in the picture.

Mom or Nonna as I call her from time to time took me in when I was alone and broken. She gave me a home, a family and unconditional love. The kind of love I thought I would never feel again. She adopted me when I was 11.But my life wasn't always like this.

When I was about 5 years old my biological mother told a lie that basically destroyed my life. She told the rest of the family that I had beaten my sister up, which was a lie of course seeing from the fact that I was a 5 year old and my sister was 7. But surprise no one believed me . Idiots

The reason I wasn't that surprised was, because to make it a little more believable she hit my sister a couple of times. That crazy ass bitch hurt her daughter to get rid of another, its fucking sick if you ask me. After that they send me off to a boarding school for delinquents ..wait more like hell and keep in mind I was just fucking 5 years old.

Nevertheless I escaped and got out the other side, no thanks to them.But like Nonna always says blood makes you related not family.

"Michelle" I get snapped out of my thoughts. "Coming " I yelled back heading down stairs. When I got down stairs the first thing I heard was my sisters bubbly voice , it breaks my mind at how she is so cheery so early.

"Morning" i say and sighn hey to my little brother. I kissed him on the cheek to what he only responded to with a giggle. Cammy is deaf , but still after the accident that lead to him losing his ability to hear he is still a sweet loving little boy who I love to pieces. "Morning love , did you sleep well?" My mom asks while putting pancakes in my plate. "Not too bad , i guess" I said while drizzling syrup over my pancakes.

My sister cleared her throat "So mom I know I'm grounded and stuff but there is a party Saturday and I really need to go, Jennifer's parents will be there and I promise I won't do anything bad" She pleaded with my mom. My mom only looked at her with an Are you stupid? face. I leaned over to Cammy and signed "here we go again", he just laughed.

After El finally realized that mom wasn't going to cave we decided to go to school. "Listen sis, I need a favour?" My sister asked me while keeping her eyes on the road.

I looked up from my phone "What kind of favour?" I asked intrigued. "I need you to cover for me on Saturday so I can go to the party, Emily is going to be there" she pleaded.

Emily is this girl my sister has had a crush on since middle school."But I'm going to the party ,mom already said that I could go unless.....you have something that can make it worth my time." I said with a smirk. She looked at me in shock "You Michelle Diaz are truly evil, do you know that, can't you just help your dear sister in need" she looked at me with puppy eyes.

"Nothing is cheap honey, I thought you would know that by now." I said evil. We stopped at the school and I was about to climb out of the car when El let out a dramatic sigh "Fine I'll do all your chores for a month" she said in defeat. "Mhh guess it is not that bad of a deal" I said while holding my hand out.

She shaked my hand "Nice doing business with ya , I was prepared to put my oreos in the deal too" she said with a smile. After that i climbed out of the car and stood in the door"Btw Eleanor I would've settled for only a weeks chores so I guess its still a win for me" with that I turned walking into the school leaving behind a shocked El.

The first 3 periods felt like an eternity but I was glad when it was over and it was time for lunch. When I got into the cafeteria I saw my 2 best friends Charlie, she was actually the first friend i made when I got here and Carmen , she knew Charlie but they weren't as close then as we are now. We weren't exactly at the popular table but people knew who we were and we were known enough to get envited to parties but I'm guessing this only happened because of my sister , she is like the most popular girl in our entire school.

"Hey" Charlie and Carmen both said when I got at the table . "Hey guys" I said and smiled as I sat down. "Listen guys I wanted to ask you this morning but didn't find you , we still on for today ?" Carmen asked. The 3 of us have this thing were once a week we go to one of our houses and eat ice cream and just catch up, its kinda our tradition. "Always" Charlie said while taking a bite of her sandwich. " Yeah , totally you know the drill" I said with a smile.

The rest of the day went normal by but that was until I saw 4 faces in the hall that I never thought I would ever see again. Normal day huh , yeah this is just the beginning of a train wreck.

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