16- The Confrontation

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Michelle pov

When we stopped at the house the driver opened the door for me, I thanked him and started walking inside. Before I opened the door my phone buzzed, it was Nicklaus. How the hell did he even get my number.

I read the text that said "Miss me new girl? " I couldn't help but smile at my phone, I went inside where I met the eyes of the entire Ferrari clan and some of them looked pissed. "You are in a lot of trouble young lady" Ricardo said first. "We know you are mad at us but hurting your sister is never the answer." Vivian said looking at me disappointed. Are these people on crack? What are they even talking about.

I then looked at everyone in the room and noticed Sabrina holding her arm and her mascara smudged while Benjamin and Isabella stood by her side consoling her. That bitch! She wouldn't not again, would she?

"What are you talking about?" I asked irritated. "Did you hurt Sabrina because she was being mean to Maggie? " Benjamin asked. These people haven't changed a bit in the last 11 years. "Oh come on! We all know she didn't do it." Bear yelled coming to my defense.

"Don't raise your voice at us little brother." Benjamin said angry. I don't know what I was thinking but the next thing I knew I picked up the candle that was next to me and thew it straight at Sabrina. And would you look at that the arm I supposedly hurt caught the candle with ease and she was in no pain what so ever. Everyone was shocked at what just happened.

"Sabrina?" Vivian asked in shock. "Did you lie to us again?"Isabella asked angry I've noticed she does not really get mad easily. She kept looking at the ground not saying anything.
"Me and Mags told you that there was nothing wrong with her! " Bear said angry.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" Ricardo asked her angry."I'm so so sorry, I made a mistake " she said softly looking up while tears were running over her face. I couldn't help but I started to laugh historically, I'm pretty sure they thought I was a psychopath.

"A mistake huh? Do you even know what a mistake is?" I asked after laughing like crazy. Sabrina wanted to say something but I quickly cut her off. "That was a rhetorical question I'm going to tell you what a mistake is. A mistake is when you do something in the moment but later you realize it was wrong and would do anything to make up for it. And I keep hearing you say you made a mistake but let's be honest here, you know exactly what you are doing. And you are not making mistakes anymore you are making choices." I said looking her directly in the eyes.

"Come on Elle go easy on her" Benjamin came to her defense. "No let her continue, she needs to hear this, we all do" Isabella said looking at me wanting me to go on. "Okay I'll admit when you went along with Vivian's plan it was a mistake you were just a kid we both were, but when you chose not to say anything when your friend hit me it was a CHOICE . When you let them throw that slushy over Maggie it was a CHOICE. And when you just now blamed me for something I didn't do AGAIN,  it was your CHOICE! " I said angry.

Everyone looked at me shocked not saying anything."You don't get to break someone's heart and think everything is going to be fine just because you said sorry. That's just not fair." I scoffed and stormed off to the door. "Where are you going?" Ricardo yelled making me stop. "Out" I said and kept on walking.

I don't know anything about Italy or where what is but who cares I just need to get out of here. I walked for a while until I found a park,I saw a bench and made my way to it. When I sat I saw my phone was blowing up from all the messages of the Ferrari's. I let Maggie and Bear know that I'm fine and that I'm just clearing my mind and ignored the rest.

I then video called Charlie and Carmen, I miss those idiots like crazy. "Girllllll we haven't seen you like in forever." Carmen said when she answered the phone. "Yeah it feels like it" I said smiling. "How's things with your bio's?" Charlie asked.

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