34- Second Chance

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Michelle pov

I was sitting at the island of the kitchen in the darkness with my own thoughts. Everyone already went to sleep so it was just me. I heard the front door open and after a while the kitchen lights were switched on. It was Bear.

"Hey what are you doing still up?" he asked me. "I could ask you the same question mister." I retorted. "Well played little sister." he said taking a bottle of  water out of the fridge and then sat on the stool next to me.

"Whose cars are outside?" he asked and took a sip from the bottle . "Uncle Santiago and his sons.. Along with gammy" I told him. "Oeff.. Glad to see she didn't squeeze you to death"

"She almost did" I smiled thinking about the event. "But forget about that how was you date?" I asked existed.

"It was.." he said looking in front of him like he was dreaming. "It was what? don't leave a girl hanging." I said not able to handle the expense. "Amazing Elle. Absolutely amazing. I think I'm gonna ask her to be my girlfriend." he said looking at me.

"After the first date? She must be a very special girl" I said smiling at him. "She is." he said his eyes and tone filled with love. There was a moment of silence. "Can I ask you something?" I asked him.

"Anything" he said sincere and then took a sip from his water. "Are u apart of the Italian mafia?" I asked blunt causing him to spit the water out. He coughed a little.

"N.. n.. n.. No! What question is that?" he asked clearly shocked. "You stuttered, spat your water out and your fidgeting with the bottle all indicating that you are lying to me."

"Where would you even get the idea?" he asked avoiding my observations. "Bear a while back you told me that I can trust you and now you're obviously lying to me. How do you expect me to trust you fully when you can't tell me the truth when I ask you a question."  I said serious

"Elle.. I'm not in any mafia." he said as he keep fidgeting with the bottle avoiding eye contact. "I know the truth and I just needed to see if you were involved." I said looking at him.

"What truth huh?" he asked. "That you and your family are the Italian mafia." I stated. I could see on his face he was hurt and shock with what I said but he quickly hid it.

"Listen Elle I don't know who put these ideas in your head but you're going get yourself in trouble for making such accusations." he said causing me to scoff.

I got up and started to walk. I stopped at the door and turned around. "You know out of this entire family I thought you would tell me the truth." I walked off I heard him say "Elle wait" but I ignored it.

Well that was an epic fail. I decided it be best to go to sleep I mean not much to do now. Although I might just have screwed everything up. We know that there isn't any video's of bear or Maggie but they can still be involved. And if bear decides to tell the family what I asked him they may get really suspicious of me. And catching them by surprise is off the table then.

But that is something else to deal with. I waked up the stairs and as I walked past Isabella's room the lights were still on. I gently knocked and waited for an answer.

"Come in" she answered a few seconds later. "Hey, you still up?" she asked when she saw me. "Yeah couldn't sleep and you?" I asked as I walked over and sat next her on the floor.

"I had a nightmare." she told me. "I hate having nightmares. It always feel so real" I say truthfully. "Right it's like your trapped in your own personal hell and you can do absolutely nothing about it." she said.

"What was the nightmare about?" I asked. "I was trapped inside this house in the middle of literally nowhere but it was on fire. And outside around the house stood dad, mom, Sabrina, Cooper and Ben with these evil smiles plastered on their faces watching me burn to death." she said.

"That's very grusome... But who knows maybe it will happen  won't put anything past them." I said before actually thinking. "I'm not much better" she admitted.

"What do you mean?" I asked hoping she'll maybe confess to killing people making this whole revenge plan a little less complicated. "I've done some fucked up things Ellie. And I kept telling myself, bad people deserve bad things to happen to them. But then the same counts for me. I mean look what I did those years ago. I just let dad ship you off not doing anything to protect you. Being the pathetic coward that I am" she said sounding angry at herself.

"Hey. You may be a lot of things but pathetic? and coward?  That is the rest of the Ferrari's jobs." I said truthful

"Look we've established I forgive you. And I'd like to say that the past is the past but then I would be lying because I can't let everything that happened just go. But you proved to me that you have changed and I admire that, not a lot of people can do that." I said.

She smiled at me and gently squeezed my one hand as a thank you gesture. "You should go get some sleep. You're going to need it with Gammy she is going to be ALOT." she said.

"Oh that's awesome news." I said very sarcastic. "I bet you can't wait." she chuckled causing me to smile. I got up from the floor and walked towards my room."Goodnight Isa." I said as I reached the door and I got a goodnight back before closing it behind me.

When I reached my room I climbed into bed. And layed there with my thoughts whirling around. Will it be narcissistic if I delete Isa's videos and let the others go down. I mean out all of them except bear and mags she was the only one who apologized to me.

And I'm sure she had her reasons and there is no way in hell she killed innocents. Or at least I hope so. I'll just talk with Asher and Mason they'll be able to help tell me whether Isa is a heartless killer and a two face bitch or deserves a second chance.

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