Chapter 29 - Small Gift

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It's morning! And.......My back hurts.


"Ugh Vegas!"

*end of flashback

(So sorry in advance - sseemmpp)

I mean, yeah, we had fun, and we're tired, but that's alright.

I stretch my back and I can hear my bones crack from the back. I looked at my hand, and there it is. I saw the ring that Vegas gave me. All the things that happened yesterday just flashed back. We're all happy. Yesterday was indeed a great day. And then I saw Vegas slowly opening his eyes.

He looks etheral. His handsomeness is unreal. Thankyou to Khun Kant and Khun Valencia for making this beautiful man and making him soon to be my husband. How can he be this beautiful?

I was just looking at him and admiring his beauty when suddenly,

A soft lip touches mine.

"You're out of this world again." He laughed while looking at me.

"Am I really that handsome, Pete? Your beautiful eyes are looking at my face like it's the end of the world already. " He said, and he put his hands on my cheek.

"Yes, you're so handsome, it's making me mad." I said as I rolled my eyes. I turned my back and looked at my ring on my finger once again.

He held my waist and started to put his face on my shoulder and sniff the scent on my neck.

I turned back.

"The ring really fits you." He held my hand and kissed and sniffed at the same time.

"But Vegas fits me more." I said as I looked at him and I saw his eyes were already looking at me.

"Yeah, he really does..." Vegas sweetly whispered.

When he said that his face was getting closer and closer to mine, and my lips were ready to touch his, and our bodies were ready to be close to each other,




Someone aggressively knocked on the door, and the two of us got shocked because of how someone hardy knocked.

Vegas' face says it all. I can see how he's mad and annoyed at the same time because our moment got ruined.

Vegas calmed himself and asked

"Who is it?"

"Ai Vegas, open the door!" The person loudly said

He stood up annoyingly, knowing the person who was behind the door.

He opened the door.

It was......

"Ai Khun, why are you so loud? It's 7 in the morning. And why are you still here? " Vegas said, Hearing his voice, I know he's controlling his emotions at the moment.

"Oh sorry, did I distract you two from sleeping? I did not sleep well either, and you two know why!"

Vegas and I got shocked! Gosh, he heard us!

Vegas let a big breath out.

"Well, the real question here, Khun, is, why are you still here? The party ended yesterday." Vegas said.

"Don't you remember? Top, Chay and I took care of Venice!" Khun said.

"Oh Khun Noo, where's Venice? I miss him already. " I said.

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