Chapter 27 - The ring

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(Second part of Pete's birthday)

My birthday has arrived! Finally! Now I'm back with the main family because Vegas said so. And right now I'm also watching a series with Porsche and Khun Noo. It feels like a rest day to me because Vegas is right now taking care of both Venice and Macau today. Vegas told me he's in charge of Venice right now because I need to rest because it's my birthday today. Even though I'm enjoying my day off, I'm already missing my babies: Venice, Vegas, and Macau. Gosh, I want to go home.

After zooning out, I asked Khun Noo what time is it.

"Khun Noo, what time is it?" I asked.

"2:30." Khun Noo responded while looking straight at the TV.

"Khun Noo, can I go home now?" I asked for permission.

"I thought you'd stay here until 3 p.m., then leave." Khun Noo said while still looking at the TV.

"But Khun Noo, I think Venice is looking for me now." I said.

"I'm sure Vegas is taking good care of your son." Porsche said

"Okay, but when the clock says 3 pm, I'll go now. Vegas told me to go home exactly at 3 pm." I said as I crossed my arms.

"We know," they both said.

"Okay." I responded.




I can hear laughter everywhere.

I know what Vegas is doing right now. He's probably preparing for the surprise.

Vegas is not a very an extra person.

He's simple.

But actually, when Porsche said that he was surprising me, I was actually surprised. Not only because Porsche said it, but also because he and Vegas Kornwit had planned a surprise for my birthday.

just for my birthday.

This man is full of surprises. He's like a book. Every time I read a chapter, there was always an unexpected plot twist for him.

How can I not love Kornwit? Even though I always say "I love you" to him, that's not enough. Words can't explain how much I love him so much. It can't be explained, but action can explain itself. The feelings, the actions, are all in there all at once.

I love how he looks at me. Every time his eyes look at mine, they talk to me.

Vegas eyes can talk.

It always tells me whether Vegas is sad, happy, confused, or any of the other emotions that Vegas expresses. I can see them clearly. And every time he's looking at me straight in the eyes, I just feel like I'm in a hot pan melting like cheese.

every time.

There's no time, no date that I will stop melting by just looking at him. I'm really in love.

I want to see them now. I'm just patiently waiting for the long line to point at 12 and the short line to point at 3.

"3pm, 3pm, 3pm." I repeatedly said

I was chanting it like crazy.

"Oi! Pete, we're trying to watch a series here; could you please stop talking?" Khun Noo said.

"Oh sorry Khun Noo, just keep watching. Don't mind me. " I said


I waited.

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