Chapter 23 - Not a surprise

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Right now, I'm at the safe house. Why? I need to learn how to bake for Pete's birthday. I really wanted to make his birthday special. Pete is not really picky when it comes to gifts; he doesn't mind if they are small or big. He only cares about how he uses it in his daily routine.

Pete 💖

(Pete) Where are you?

(Pete) Vegas!!!!

(Pete) Kinn said, You weren't there in the meeting!!!! You liar!!!!


Oh shit, I forgot to tell Kinn about the surprise man! I am dead! Oh gosh...

(Vegas) Hello baby, I'm sorry the meeting didn't continue because my client had an emergency. He said his wife is sick.

Oh my god, Vegas Why are you lying again? What if he caught you? My God, what are you thinking, Mr. Kornwit?

(Vegas) What do you want, baby? Do you want the curry again, extra spicy?

(Vegas) I'm so sorry Pete, I just have something to do.. That's why I've been really busy for the past few days.

Yes, Pete, I'm not lying. I'm really busy making you a cake. But I'm not making it right now. I'm still learning how to do it. I did not forget your birthday. How am I going to forget your birthday? And why am I going to forget your birthday? You are the most important person in my life.

Right now, I'm writing down all of the ingredients, so Nop can buy all of the ingredients before Pete's birthday. Pete's birthday is after tomorrow, you get that? Tomorrow and the next day, the "next day" is his birthday. A wedding is a great, perfect gift for my baby. I hope this plan will go successfully. I'll text Kinn and Porsche about it, but before doing that, I'll just ask Nop where Pete is.



A notification coming from my phone it was Vegas
I didn't answer Vegas because that's his punishment for being cold to me.

Ends of Pete's POV

Back to Vegas' POV


(Vegas) Nop, where's Pete?

(Nop) Oh, he's at the main family's house, boss. He's with Venice.

Oh God, that's why he knew that I was not in the office. Okay, calm down, Vegas. Trust Porsche, he's a very good secret keeper. I'm sure him and Kinn will keep it a secret.

(Vegas) Oh okay, thanks. Just tell me when they get home.

(Nop) Okay, noted boss

Oh, I forgot to tell him the ingredients.

(Vegas) Nop...

(Nop) Yes, boss?

(Vegas) Can you buy this before Pete's birthday? *sends a picture of the ingredients*

(Nop) Okay, boss.

(Vegas) I'll just let you know one thing.

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