Chapter 15 - Double Date

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This is the day of our double date. I just know after this I will be so tired. I know Tankhun and Pete will go shopping everywhere.

"Good morning, hon. " Pete said sweetly.

"Good morning too, hon. Give me a kiss. I really need it right now." I got a soft, tender, warm lip kiss on mine after I said that.

"Ugh," he let out a soft moan after we kissed.

"What a delicious breakfast. Am I right? Can I have some more? " I said with a smirk.

"Not a chance." He said it with a sassy expression and tone.

"I'm so hungry. Let's go now. I made your favorite. " He added

"Mhm, what is it? You are my favorite breakfast. " I said it jokingly.

Then he pinched my right ear really hard until it turned really red.

"Aww," I said.

"Did it hurt?" He said


"Serves you right," he said, then he rolled his eyes and quickly went down the stairs.

"Haha, hey, wait for me!" I said

"Mhm, yes, my favorite pancake. But I like your pancake more. "

"Are you saying that I'm flat?"

"No, not like that."

"Lets just eat, I'm hungry hon."

"Oki, Let's eat eat."

"Mhm, these pancakes are fluffy. They are so good hon."

"Oh really," Pete said.

Ring ring

His phone rang

"Hello?" Pete said.

it was

"Ai Pete, go here now! We are waiting for you! "

"Ai Khun Noo, we're just eating breakfast. And why is it so early, Khun Noo? It's only 8 a.m. " Pete said

Tankhun is so loud, I can even hear him even though the speaker is off.

"Okay, okay, we'll go there." Pete said.

The call ended.

"Gosh, hurry up! Khun Noo and Dr. Top are waiting for us! " Pete said this as he hurriedly ate his food.

"Okay, okay. I think I have a great idea: what if we both shower together so we can't waste a lot of time? " I said confidently.

"No, I'll just shower in the CR and you'll shower in our room. Just hurry up! " He said this while concentrating on his food.

"Finished. I'll go take a shower now. Bye! " He said

He got up, and I got up too to take a shower.

10 minutes later

We both finished showering and are now in our room to get some clothes.

"Hon, does this look good?" He said

"Yes, hon, everything looks good on you. Everything just suits you, even me. " I said while just looking at his beautiful angelic face.

"Hon, I'm talking about my outfit. Why are you looking at my face? " He said

"Oh hon, yes, baby blue suits you." I said, smiling.

"Okiee, I'll wear this then." He said, then he gave me a big cute smile.

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