Chapter 26 - Preparations

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1st part of Pete's birthday.

(This chapter will be short because the next one will be long. Every point of view of Pete and Vegas and also emotions, feelings, and thoughts will be shown. Also, thank you guys for the 10,000+ reads! I love you all. >_<


This day finally happened. It's Pete's birthday! Right now, Pete is at the main family's house because Khun and Porsche asked him to.

I have plenty of time to plan for his birthday. as well as a quick bake for his cake.

In fact, I'm doing it right now.

I called some of the caterers already and they were on their way also. I'm so excited! Pete will come home around 3 pm.

Pete didn't bring Venice with him because I said so. I delegated his care to Macau while Pete was away.

"Boss, the caterers are here already." Nop said.

"Okay, let them in." I said with a smile.

Finally! The cake is done! I'm so tired. I started making this cake around 10 am and now it is already 12 pm.

I just need to shower and then help the caterers with the preparations.

I went to our room and looked for the red box. The special box I bought, I opened it and saw the ring that Pete would be wearing for the rest of his life. I can't wait to hear him say the word "yes" later on. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. I put the red box back in the drawer.

I brought a towel with me and then went to the shower.

"Okay, I'm ready." I put on some nice clothes, then put on his favorite perfume that he always wants me to wear. And I also wear my glasses because he said I look good with those on.

I texted Porsche to ask Pete if he's okay.


(Vegas) Hi! Where is Pete? Is he doing alright?

(Porsche) Yes, like always, we watched some series with Tankhun. We can't get away with this, but it seems like he's enjoying it.

(Vegas) oh really? Haha. Where's Kinn? Is he still at work?

(Porsche) Yes, he still is.

(Vegas) Don't forget about Pete's birthday celebration later, okay?

(Porsche) I know, bye now.

The conversation ended.


(Vegas) baby, how are you?

(Pete) Hello baby! I'm fine. How about you, Venice and Macau? I'm sure the house is quiet because I'm not there.

(Vegas) We are doing fine, baby, just like you.

(Pete) That's great!

(Vegas) I love you, my baby.

(Pete) I love you more, baby.

(Vegas) Okay, have a good time with them. And chat me if you're going home early. 3 pm or early, okay? Don't make me miss you.

(Pete) Okay, okay. I love you!

(Vegas) I love you more!

The conversation ended.

I already helped the caterers. And we are already finished with the work. And it's already 2:30 p.m., with only 30 minutes left.

To be continued...

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