Chapter 1 - One Night

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Chapter 1


I always wanted to be with you. We planned so many things together,

and I'm so happy that right now you're with me. I'm yours and you're mine. Me and you. Will this last forever? I hope so.

"Hey Hon, what do you want for dinner?"

"Vegas! Why are you so late?! You don't love me anymore?! Huh?? Answer me! Why did you call me so late? I told you to be here at 8 pm, then guess what? You're still not here! It's already 9:30! Are you talking to other boys, huh? How dare you?!"

A loud, mad voice answered the phone. It's my wife, Pete. Haha

"Haha, I know hon, I'm so sorry. I'm on my way. But what do you want for dinner? Southern Curry? Like always?"

"Yes, of course! Please make it extra spicy!"

"Oh ok, just wait for me. Let's eat together, okie? Then we'll eat each other haha."


Call ended

He ended the call haha. He's just so cute. So yeah, I bought his favorite curry, 2 orders for the both of us, and I'm already on my way home.

I'm now in front of our gate and I kept knocking and knocking and no one was answering.

"Hon, I'm here. Can you please open the gate? " I shouted, "I'm waiting." I said it loudly so he could hear it.

"Hon, don't be angry at me please. I'm just really busy. That's why I didn't see your chats and calls. Can you please forgive me?" I shouted again, but no one was answering.

I saw our gate was already open and also our main door too. I realized that Macau is not here because he's with Kim and Porchay.

I rushed into our house because this doesn't look good, and I kept looking for Pete, but he's nowhere to be found...



"Pete, I'm sorry. Who did this to you? Baby, please wake up"

"Vegas your late"

Said in a weak voice

I saw Pete. I saw him in our room. He's lying in bed, and his whole body is covered with blood. I don't know what to feel at the moment. I don't know if I'm angry or sad. I just know someone did this to him. I cried so badly that I called the 1669 for help.

"Fuck please help us"

I'm panicking and I don't know what to do. My pete, my hon, who fucking did this to him?! How dare they?!

I called my cousin Kinn.

"Fuck Kinn, Please help us. I'm at the hospital and someone-"

I couldn't finish my sentence. I cried so much I couldn't handle it. I don't care if my dad will call me weak because I cried while talking to Kinn. I just don't care. And plus why would i care? He's dead already.

"Vegas? Are you okay?"

"Pete, Pete, someone stabbed Pete while I was gone. I'm here at the hospital and I'm still waiting."

"What?! Who did it?!"

"Kinn? Who's that?"

I heard Porsche asked

"Fuck. Pete got stab by someone"


"Vegas, just calm down, okay? I'm sure Pete will be fine."

Said Kinn

"We're on our way"

"Okay, okay i'll wait" I said while crying

I don't know what to do! Who did this to him? For fucksake! I should've got home early! I should've listened to him. I hate myself for not listening to him.

I realized that I have so many bodyguards at home. Why are they not at home? It's not yet their break. Today is Monday, they're supposed to look after Pete, and what did they do? left him. Alone.

They are my first suspects.

"Hi, mister. I am the patient's doctor, and the patient is in a coma."

"Why is he in a coma is his brain got damage?" I asked.

"Sharp or blunt force trauma to the head result in a coma. That's why right know he's in a coma"

"Injuries not involving the head can also result in a coma. For example, a stab like what happened to him to any major artery would cause rapid and copious bleeding. If a person like Pete loses enough blood, their body goes into shock as it struggles to compensate for the large volume loss. This may lead to brain ischemia. Nervous tissue is highly sensitive to ischemia. Other organs are less sensitive. The heart and lungs may still survive and continue to function. He has so many stab wounds, We don't know when he'll wake up. He's okay now."

(A coma is a type of medical condition that occurs after a blunt or sharp force injury to the head. It can also be caused by other injuries. For instance, if a person gets stabbed, their body goes into shock as it can't compensate for the loss of blood. This type of trauma can lead to brain ischemia. This condition can affect the nervous system and other organs.)

"Thank you doctor" i said

I saw Kinn and Porsche walking towards me.


To be continued.

Hi guys this is my first VegasPete story! I hope you guys like the Chapter 1.

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